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Monday, 24 August 2009

Danish Teenager Charged over "Anti-Islam Posters"

A Danish youth who produced and distributed posters calling for Danes to wake up to the threat of Islamisation and mass immigration has been charged, and could face prison.

Here is the story, translated by Esther:
A 15 year old boy from Rønne will appear in court next week. He's charged with trying to distribute racist posters.

The Bornholm court says that the 15 year old is charged with having produced posters and fliers at home with the titles: "Denmark will be a Muslim country?", "Denmark wake up".

The posters said: "Yes to an Islam-free country" and "Send the Pakis home".

The boy wrote, for example, that Muslims "preach to renounce all our freedoms," and that they advanced "devastating the cities with gangs and drugs."

The 15 year old is also charged for copying the materials in a school in Rønne on March 13, in order to hang them up in public places in Rønne and giving them out to people in the street.

The prosecution demands that the boy be imprisoned, says chief prosecutor Bendte Pedersen Lund.

Due to the boy's age the Bornholm Youth Centre was called in to the court meeting.

Breaking the racism act can lead to a fine or up to two years in prison.
Source: DR (Danish)

Bear in mind that, whilst he arguably makes some poor choices in terms of the language he uses, nothing he says is actually incorrect.

This is perhaps best proved by the fact that in modern Denmark, two years is about the same jail term one gets for participating in the gang rape of a 14 year old girl.

Such things were all but unheard of in Denmark before mass immigration, as were violent unrest, police shootings and gang warfare, including hand grenades being thrown around and areas completely under the control of violent immigrant 'youths', as well as shockingly violent crimes.

On the same day this young man was threatened with prison for speaking his mind, the following was reported:
-A 23-year-old man of Arab origin has been sentenced to 6 months in prison for serious violence against his former partner. The man should be in jail for six months after he whipped his Danish ex-girlfriend with a belt last October . This attack took place in the man's mother's apartment in Vollsmose in Denmark.It is also suggested the man hit his ex with his fist.

The couple have a child, and it was irregularities between the two parents which got the man to attack the woman, as prosecutor Flemming Høj Larsen pointed out. The man's ex-girlfriend was taken to Odense University Hospital after the beating and she was admitted under observation for a concussion.

The 23-year-old man has applied for consideration for a possible appeal of the conviction.
Case of domestic violence, right? Happens in every society, nothing to do with immigrants.

But it's not that cut and dried - for an illegal or temporary immigrant, having children with a Westerner is like winning the lottery. It is well known that some immigrants, particularly Muslim males, see Western women as completely unclean and beneath contempt - but will happily use them for a meal ticket and various other 'perks'.

The women, of course, are brought up to believe all cultures are equal - and perhaps they only find out that the joys of diversity are a huge con when the boot, belt or fist are descending for the first time.

Often, it is too late by then. How many cases like this are there every week, every month, every year? How many Danes are used this way for a residence permit, and live in misery afterwards?

So I must ask - what sort of society punishes violent parasites, out for everything they can get from Denmark and Danes, far less harshly than someone who dares to observe objective reality and point out the flaws?

Hat tip: Fria Nyheter & Islam in Europe.

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