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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Anders Fogh Rasmussen Disappoints in Turkey

Anders Fogh Rasmussen became something of a legend during the Danish cartoons crisis in 2006 - although he didn't do or say anything overly special or controversial, he didn't bow down to Islamic blackmail, violence or pressure.

For that alone, he became a figure many wished all Western leaders would emulate in their dealings with the Muslim world, where tolerance and freedom of speech only works one way.

Since becoming NATO's Secretary-General, Rasmussen has bee something of a disappointment, however.

He seems to feel his duties are more about sucking up to the Muslim world and pretending he is a nice guy than running an organisation which is currently at war with certain facets of Islam, as his recent actions in Turkey have proven:
NATO's new secretary general reiterated respect for Islam on the first day of his visit to the alliance's only predominantly Muslim member.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen is in Turkey for two days to discuss NATO operations in Afghanistan and improve relations ith the Muslim world.

"Please see my presence here tonight as a clear manifestation of my respect for Islam as one of the world's greatest religions," Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday at an iftar - the evening meal that breaks the fast during the holy month of Ramadan - with Turkey's leaders.

"I have he deepest respect for people's religious feelings," he said.

Fogh Rasmussen became secretary general Aug. 1, after Turkey withdrew its objections to his candidacy. Turkey initially opposed his appointment because, as Denmark's prime minister, he infuriated many Muslims following the publication in 2005 o cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Fogh Rasmussen distanced himself from the cartoons but resisted calls to apologize for them, citing freedom of speech.

Turkish leaders said the choice would antagonize Afghanistan and Pakistan, both predominantly Muslim countries.

Fogh Rasmussen also angerd Turkey by opposing its membership in the European Union.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan used the event Thursday to criticize terrorist acts carried out in the name of Islam, urge greater respect for Muslims in the West and push for Turkey's EU membership.
I have the utmost contempt for this individual now. No job or position is worth betraying all your principles for; and that is exactly what Rasmussen has done.

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