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Sunday, 30 August 2009

When 'Asian' is not a Coy Euphemism (III)

From The Lancashire Telegraph:

A 21-year-old man has admitted raping a boy in a ‘brutal sex attack’.

Raisuddin Patel, of Buncer Lane, Blackburn, attacked the boy, 12, after approaching him in a takeaway in Whalley Range.

Today Patel appeared before Preston Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to rape.

He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on October 2 once a background report is completed by the Probation Service.

After the case, police said Patel had befriended the victim in a takeaway in Whalley Range at around 6pm on April 9 this year.

Patel persuaded the boy to go with him to a nearby shop to help him move some boxes, officers said.

According to police, the boy was then coerced into a garage at the back of the shop where he was subjected to a ‘brutal sex attack’.

The boy managed to escape when Patel was disturbed when he heard people outside. He raised the alarm and Patel was arrested very soon after by police.

Detective Inspector Neil Ashton said: ”This has been a particularly traumatic and distressing ordeal for the victim and his family with which they are still coming to terms.

“I would like to thank members of the community who helped the police identify Patel at the earliest opportunity and enable his prompt arrest.

“This meant that the police were able to preserve and recover crucial forensic evidence that proved instrumental in forcing a guilty plea from Patel. Because of this, the victim did not have to suffer the trauma of giving evidence in court.

“Patel, who was previously unknown to the police, is clearly a very dangerous and devious man. He has been in custody since his arrest and I am confident he will receive a lengthy custodial sentence given the severity of the offence.”

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