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Friday, 21 August 2009

More Violence in Denmark

Thursday night saw several violent incidents involving immigrant gangs in Denmark.

The most serious occurred in Nørrebro, when a plainclothes policeman was shot in the stomach whilst searching a gang of youths for cannabis. Shots also injured a passing civilian:
An officer was wounded and an innocent civilian bystander injured in the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro during the night when a banale body search for hash developed into a shooting episode.

A nationwide search is under way for the unidentified gunmen, whom police say were seen running from the scene, while other witnesses suggest were in a vehicle.

The plain clothes police officer, who is reported to have been shot in the arm and stomach is said to be stable. The civilian, who is reported to be a well-known rap artist, has been treated for a graze wound to the face.

“We are interested in all witnesses coming forward. Anyone who has seen anything . Did the gunmen leave on a bicycle , did they run away or did they get into a car. Anyone who knows anything,” Police Spokesman Tommy Keil tells politiken.dk.

Trouble is said to have started when plain clothes officers stopped a small group of young men to search them for narcotics. As one officer drew one young man aside in order to issue a fine for a small amount of hash, shots rang out.

“Officers saw the shadows of two or three men running away. First of all it was as if time stood still, and then chaos broke loose,” Keil says.

Ekstrabladet.dk says that the civilian who was also grazed by a projectile was the well-known Northern Jutland rapper Niarn.

Immediately prior to the events in Nørrebro, another shooting episode took place in Tingbjerg, a few kilometres from Nørrebro when 20-30 shots were fired, but no-one was hit. It is not clear whether the Tingbjerg incident was an attempt to draw police away from Nørrebro.
At around the same time, this was going on elsewhere:

Around the same time the police in the city of Odense, about 150 KM from Copenhagen dispatched a large number of cars and personnel to the immigrant ghetto Vollsmose, after a dozen or so shots were fired. Again it was the resident block Boegeparken became a crime scene.

It is only a few days ago a criminal immigrant fired shots at the police after a traffic incident, where the police were met by a angry and threatening immigrant crowd.

The suspect, a known criminal, even managed to get an interview with the Mayor Jan Boeje and appeared on local TV as an agitated 'protester' against police behavior in connection the traffic accident, which by the way was caused by an immigrant who tried to flee the police. He was arrested shortly after, suspected of having fired the shots at the police. So far he denies complicity.

A car with a bullet hole was found, but all night the area has been resounding with the sound of police sirens.

Hat tip: Balder Blog & Snouck Hurgronje.

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