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Monday, 24 August 2009

The Camp of the Saints

The Camp of the Saints is a French novel about a paralysed, tired Europe overwhelmed by mass immigration from countries and cultures which only seem to become vigorous in their desire to reach the dying West and enjoy its decadent delights.

Its author, Jean-Claude Raspail, claimed the terrible visions it created took years off of his life.

Raspail was much criticised by the chattering classes at the time his novel was first published, but in many ways it is a prophecy, particularly the way he describes political correctness and the way in which most Westerners seem to embrace and actively work towards the destruction of their culture and their kind.

Also, the way the Third World perceives the West as an evil which it is their right to enjoy before they overwhelm and inherit it - as taught to them by various Western liberals, Leftists and Christians - will strike a chord with anyone familiar with modern geo-politics.

Anyway, the following article reminded me very much of the novel - the only difference being, these illegals have only one destination in mind - Great Britain.

Translated with thanks by R. Dunn:

Illegal Afghan immigrants - Villemin square is evacuated

Dozens of illegal Afghan immigrants were evacuated by police officers from Villemin square on Tuesday night at the request of the socialist Mayor of Paris. Last April an Afghan was killed here during a street fight between immigrants. The authorites wanted to avoid being faced with another Sangatte in the centre of Paris but have only taken the problem to another part of the city.

"The city of Paris has come to the decision that it is going to put an end to the presence of countless illegal immigrants who sleep in the park each night, who have been doing so since the French state closed Sangatte centre in 2003" the municipality said in a statement.

The immigrants will have to find shelter elsewhere. Local people are worried: "This problem is going to spread to the rest of the neighbourhood" says Bernard, who tells us about how fed up local people from the canal Saint-Martin area are. He would have rathered the park stay open, but with "facilities, showers, toilets and people who would come and clean the park in the morning, maybe even a Red Cross presence."

Jawed, a 17 year old Afghan who was thrown out the park last night came back to settle down on a bench on Wednesday, when the park was opened to the public. "They won't let us leave our bags here during the day or sleep here at night, but we're allowed to wait here all day", he explains. He is trying to make plans to get to the United Kingdom with his 23 year old friend Subhaw. "In the UK, they help you with everything, education, social problems, they find you somewhere to live, it's better than France" they say.
Bear in mind that this same story is taking place all over modern France, Italy, Greece, Malta (and those are just the gateways) - and Raspail's much derided fantasy may well be a reality within fifty years or so.

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