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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Face of "European Islamophobia"

Recently certain parties within the Turkish government announced that they were afraid of a wave of "Islamophobia" sweeping Europe.

This wave of anger and violence might well have caused up to five violent incidents in which Turks living in Europe had died, according to them.

One of these incidents was the murder of Arzu Çakmakçi-Erbas, 32, outside the daycare centre she owned and ran in Amsterdam.

Well, now the Dutch police have announced that they are actively seeking a suspect in connection with this brutal and senseless murder - this is the face of "European Islamophobia":

Yes, the police have announced that they want Nevzat Koyak, 41, to help them with their inquiries, as we say here in Britain.

Koyak isn't an evil European racist though - he is a violent Turkish illegal immigrant and career criminal:
The police believe they know who the murderer who stabbed to death the owner of the Moeders Schoot daycare center in Amsterdam West two weeks ago. The man is Nevzat Koyak. He was born in Turkey and is in the Netherlands illegally. According to the police he's addicted to alcohol and drugs and has no permanent place of residence. The suspect is dangerous and unpredictable.

Koyak is on the run. Monday night his photo appeared in wanted notices on various national and local TV broadcaster. The police hope that the broadcasts will bring in tips about the suspect's hiding place. Police are offering 5,000 euro for the 'golden' tip.

A police chief told regional broadcaster TV-Noord Holland that Koyak was involved in the past in serious violence crimes. The police said nothing in its wanted notice about the motive of the suspect. A spokesperson did not want to add information. The murder, in any case, has nothing to do with the daycare or the parents of the children there. "This could have happened anywhere," says the spokesperson. According to the spokesperson there was no relation between the attacker and the victim.

Arzu Çakmakçi-Erbas (32) was stabbed to death two weeks ago in a pcar park in front of the childcare centre, just after she closed it. The victim died later in hospital.

The police currently have more than 20 researchers on the case.
So, it looks like everyone can experience the benefit of unchecked immigration and the failure to deport violent criminals - not just natives, but decent immigrants too.

Unfortunately the Turkish government have declined to comment on these recent developments - probably hoping that people will quietly forget about this before Turkey's membership talks with the European Union swing round.

I'm hoping just the opposite.


eh said...

That's always the way it is: any crimes against Muslims motivated by 'Islamophobia' or some other kind of 'hate' are dwarfed by the disproportionate criminality shown by Muslims in every country where there is a significant population. Yet the media never mentions that.

Anonymous said...

Another unhelpful word, like saying "Asian" when describing a criminal.

And 5 incidents in the whole of Europe? Is that all they thought they had in the first place?

Pretty pathetic, isn't it?

eh said...

The British people can be confident that immigration is under control - Immigration Minister Phil Woolas

Obviously the British have not lost their sense of humor.

I'd hate to see what London and other cities would look like if the UK were to 'lose control' of immigration.

How long before a non-White is appointed 'immigration minister'? That's something to keep an eye out for.

eh said...

Or is that humour?

Anonymous said...

Well we have Shahid Malik as minister of social cohesion, or some daft title like that.

WAKE UP said...

There is no such thing as "Islamophobia", just a healthy aversion to aeroplanes flying into buildings.