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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Calum Davenport Case Takes a Twist

On Saturday it was reported that West Ham footballer Calum Davenport had been stabbed in both legs during an incident at his sister's home, and his mum had also been attacked.

Neighbours heard shouting, particularly from a man with "a strong Caribbean accent".

It later emerged that the man charged in relation to the attack was Worrell Whitehurst, a man described as "mixed race" who had gotten Davenport's sister Cara pregnant.

As Davenport was still undergoing emergency surgery to save one of his legs (he lost over half his blood in the brutal attack and will probably never play football again), the media took it upon itself to begin speculating.

They called the situation a "race row". It is alleged that Davenport was unhappy with his sister's choice of boyfriend because he isn't white.

Indeed, Cara appeared in court to support Whitehurst (she was sporting a black eye, although it is not clear who gave it to her), and was seen to mouth "I love you" as he was taken down after being remanded in custody.

I'm going to do some speculating of my own; I find it most difficult to believe that any premiership footballer could be racist in the traditional sense, because of the international nature of the modern game (indeed, football is often cited by the Left as 'the best answer to the BNP'), plus the way it features very heavily in various 'anti-racism' campaigns. Also, he is a young man who has been brought up in PC modern Britain.

Seeing as Calum has still not been willing or able to publicly defend himself from these slurs, I'll just say this; given that, in a dispute of whatever nature, Whitehurst nearly hacked off one of Calum's legs, hit his mother (and potentially his own future mother-in-law) and possibly gave his own pregnant girlfriend a black eye (the only other explanation being that Davenport did it), would it not be perfectly reasonable for Davenport to question who his sister is involved with?

Bear in mind here we are talking about a man who has just been remanded in custody for attacking Davenport's mother, driving while disqualified and possession of a blade, as well as what I would call the attempted murder of Calum Davenport, or at the very least the intention to wreck his life and career.

So, again, would race be the only reason to disapprove of this relationship?

The media must have got this idea from somewhere, but if you read The Daily Mail's article, it looks as if the fact that Whitehurst is not white is itself a reason for suspecting racial motives:

The sister of Premiership footballer Calum Davenport yesterday mouthed the words 'I love you' to the man accused of repeatedly stabbing her brother in the legs in a race row.

The West Ham defender is alleged to have made it clear he disapproved of her relationship with Worrell Whitehurst, who is mixed race.

Police were called to the semi-detached home of his pregnant sister, Cara, following the arrival of Whitehurst.

Both men then left the property but Davenport, 26, was later found in a pool of blood outside his mother's nearby home in Bedford.

Whitehurst, 25, was charged with grievous bodily harm at Bedford Magistrates' Court.

Miss Davenport, 28, who is expecting his baby, attended the hearing, clearly showing a black eye. She sobbed as he was brought up from the cells and mouthed 'I love you'.

Davenport suffered severe bleeding following the attack in the early hours of Saturday. His mother Kim Stupple, 49, was also hurt in the incident.

There are still fears Davenport may lose a leg, despite four hours of emergency surgery at Bedford Hospital. He remains in a 'serious but stable' condition.

The player lost half the blood from his body, with one of the wounds piercing a main artery.

You'll note they simply said "who is mixed race", not "because he's mixed race".

You'll also note that Whitehurst went around to her house to slay the evil racist, despite the fact he was disqualified from driving (must be a perfect angel, then), and ended up carrying out this brutal attack.

I'll wait until proper details begin to emerge before forming any solid conclusions - but could we really be at the point where if you disapprove of your sister getting attached to a black criminal, you are automatically a racist?

Should the fact he's a criminal or a violent thug not over rule everything else?

It will also be interesting to see if, in the unlikely event Davenport disapproved of the relationship simply because Whitehurst is black, the media spins it so he all but deserved nearly losing a leg (not to mention his life).


eh said...

I'll wait until proper details begin to emerge before forming any solid conclusions -...

You could have a long wait.

Personally I find it plausible that what Whitehurst took to be a racial slur -- as Davenport meant it to be -- caused the row during which Davenport was so viciously stabbed. I'm not aware that this can be an excuse such a violent attack, or change the basic fact that this is (yet) another incident of violence perpetrated by non-whites.

The sister impresses at first as contemptible; but we will see.

And btw those idiotic campaigns against 'racism in football' are just that -- idiotic. Anyone can see that with all the non-white millionaires running around down there on the pitch there isn't any 'racism' worth worrying about.

eh said...

Earlier I said:

The sister impresses at first as contemptible; but we will see.

From the Sun (perhaps not the most reliable source):

Friends last night revealed that the father of Cara's first child is a notorious armed robber serving life in prison. Neville Knight, 35, lived the high life in the Caribbean on loot from brutal armed raids. He and Cara had baby Calum Junior together in 2005, her pals said.

Here is an article with a foto of the aforementioned Neville Knight. Obviously, he's black.

So if Calum Davenport was concerned, even disapproving, of his sister's relationship, then there is perhaps some background to that, i.e. he had a reason to be.

Anyway, she appears to be trash.

Will be interesting to see where she got that black eye; it's possible her brother did that, and that's one reason for the altercation with Whitehurst.

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Calum attacked Cara
Punched, Bit and kicked her

free speech said...

Surely Calum is within his rights to disprove of the relationship because the man was black. Free speech anyone?

Anonymous said...

Black, White, whatever... Any man who raises his hand (or head and teeth) to a woman - much less his pregnant sister - deserves what's coming to him. Perhaps amateur surgery performed sans anaesthesia is a tad(!) far, but what kind of man wakes a sleeping pregnant woman, beats her and throws her down the stairs?

Anonymous said...

I found this page by accident, as I was myself born in Lambeth - and now that further particulars have emerged, perhaps I can add a couple of points and clear up a misconception or two, as the author seems not to have delivered on his promise, i.e.: "I'll wait until proper details begin to emerge before forming any solid conclusions" (Although it appears that your conclusions are fairly well set, despite the lack of details - but a wealth of speculation).

The author seems quite adamant that the racist Davenport's assault on his sister is a defensible action; he even tries to attribute this assault to his sister's boyfriend (without a shred of substantiation).

Davenport and his father turned up at his sister's house at 2am, drunk and violent, threatening the young woman, and then Davenport assaulted her, head-butted her and bit her.

The author seems to have no problem designating the boyfriend a "criminal" because in order to come to the aid of his girlfriend he drove while disqualified, but seems to have no qualms about Davenport's drunk driving.

The author claims it is "difficult to believe that any premiership footballer could be racist", despite the fact that a Leicester City player has been sacked for a racist outburst at his team-mates of non-English origin. The Premier League has a history of trying to sweep such racism under the carpet (see the reaction to JT's sending off for racial slurs at Spurs a couple of seasons ago).

Oh, to Hell with it; I have been trying to address this rationally, but reviewing the unabashed racism in this blog, I now see it is a futile task. The only good thing about this piece is that it exposes both the racism and the hypocrisy of the author and most of the respondants.

Personally, If Davenport had done that to my girlfriend he'd be in hospital now, and most real men would react the same way - I note that Davenport and his father were prepared to attack a lonw woman, but ran and hid behind his mother's skirts when the real object of his hatred was apprised of his actions. And by the way, the boyfriend did not "attack" Davenport's mother (in the way that Davenport attacked his sister, to no outcry from the author), she was injured when she tried to get between the men to protect her son.
So now the case is over, but I note that the author has not followed through on his promise to revise his "speculation" in light of the true facts.
But given that the true facts do not support his racist speculation, is it at all surprising?

This whole despicable piece is the best reason ever to do away with the elitist and inbred peerage of this country.