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Friday, 21 August 2009

Brèves de Belgique

A short list of recent incidents of 'cultural enrichment' in Belgium (translated with thanks by R. Dunn):
Molenbeek: dragged behind a van for 30m. A van driver who was trying to overtake a car kept honking non-stop. At a red light, the motorist driving the car stops and rolls down his window to have a word with the van driver. He is hauled out of his car by his shirt and dragged along behind the van for 35 meters. The police have arrested the van driver, 26 year old Ahmed and 24 year old Bilial, who was in the passenger seat. The 46 year old motorist has severe head injuries.

Knife attacks and vandalized police cars in Anderlecht. The police were at a crime scene to assist an expert. The suspect, Abdelhak, tried to stab the expert, he then fled the scene before being arrested. Before fleeing he had punctured the tyres of all 4 police cars.

Two tram staff assaulted in Schaerbeek. Two STIB (Belgian Intercommunal Transport Society) agents who asked a passenger for his ticket were assaulted in a tram. The passenger - a 22 year old man had given them a false identity, and was being held until the arrival of the police. A friend of the 22 year old got on the tram and punched the two agents repeatedly. The passenger - Mehdi, and his friend - Hamza, have been arrested. One of the agents was taken from the scene in an ambulance.
As Belgium recently announced an amnesty for illegal immigrants which could see up to 25,000 have their status regularised, the problems caused by large numbers of Third Worlders can only get worse - they will only keep coming.

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