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Friday, 28 August 2009

A Week with the Geneva Police

French-language blog Francois Desouche has a very interesting article about a week in the life of the Geneva police, taken from their official website:
The official website of the State of Geneva publishes daily list of arrests made by the Geneva police. A review of the week from August 17 to 23:

Monday, August 17:
• An Iraqi was arrested for giving stabbed two young Portuguese tourists who had tried to steal their laptops.
• A Swiss arrested for stealing two pairs of sunglasses.

Tuesday, August 18:
• A French native Villepinte (93), was arrested for driving while intoxicated (1.9 g / l). In addition to driving without a license and without registration papers in the car of a friend, he refused to undergo the blood test and was already banned from driving in Switzerland since 2006.

Wednesday, August 19:
• An Algerian was arrested for stealing a car GPS, wallet, MP3 player and sunglasses. He was already banned from Swiss territory for acts like this until November 2009.
• A Georgia was arrested for pickpocketing of 380 francs in a car. It is illegal on Swiss territory.
• Two Algerians were arrested for drug trafficking.
• A French native Kremlin-Bicetre (94), is suspected scam to the rental apartment.
• Two Brazilian maids, are suspected of stealing € 3,500 and a mini-computer. It replaced a friend of them sick. Both Brazil have no valid residence permit.
• An Albanian illegal is arrested for drug trafficking.

Thursday, August 20:
• An Algerian was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle. He was in possession of drugs. The individual recognizes smuggle drugs, but said that a friend loaned him the vehicle.
• A French was arrested for driving a moped while drunk.
• An Albanian illegal is arrested for drug trafficking.

Friday, August 21:
• A Tunisian was arrested for assaulting a passerby in order to steal her purse. His accomplice, of North African origin, is a fugitive.
• A Kosovo was arrested for drug trafficking and hit and run.
• A Colombian arrested for stealing a wallet. During the search of his home, police found numerous items stolen in recent weeks.
• An Algerian was arrested for assaulting a passerby to steal his I-phone. His accomplice is still at large.

Saturday, August 22:
• A French national, a native of Marseilles, was arrested for stealing a credit card and then for withdrawing the sum of 4,500 CHF.

Sunday, August 23:
• One Russian was arrested for stealing a car in sunglasses and ski passes.
• A Sierra Leone was arrested for drug trafficking.
• A Guinean was arrested for violently assaulting his ex-wife and friend of his ex-wife.
Switzerland was a peaceful, orderly society before mass immigration - indeed it was famed for its well run, clean society.

This list is part of a wider pattern; it certainly seems that small, homogeneous and high-trust societies suffer far more as a result of mass immigration, particularly when the immigrants are unassimilable and from corrupt, violent, low-trust societies.

An inevitable clash - but one which seems to mystify most of our ruling elites.

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