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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

75 Year Old Robbed by 'Asian' Women

Apparently these 'Asian' women used a headscarf as part of their cover - how very Buddhist of them.

From The Shropshire Star:

A 75-year-old woman on a motability scooter was robbed of more than £500 as she shopped in Wellington.

Police said the woman had just withdrawn the money when she was approached by two women in Wellington Market.

It appears that while the victim was distracted, one of the women dropped a head scarf over the basket on the front of the victim’s mobility scooter.

Using the head scarf as cover, police said it appears the woman then stole more than £500 from a zip pocket on the front of the victim’s handbag.

The women then left the store and it was only a short while later that the pensioner realised the money had been taken.

Chris Ammonds, Telford police spokesman, said: “The victim is very upset by this incident as she has lost a significant sum of money.

“She had only just withdrawn the money from Lloyds TSB in Wellington and we believe she may have been followed from the bank by the offenders.

“The victim has described the offenders as two Asian women, but we also believe an Asian man may have been involved as he was seen in the company of the two women shortly before the theft.”

The theft happened on Friday, between about 11.10am and 11.30am.

Mr Ammonds said: “Anyone who may have information about this theft, or seen anyone suspicious hanging around the Lloyds TSB Bank in Wellington on Friday morning, is asked to contact police officers on 0300 333 3000.”

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Anonymous said...

i know Lioyds TSB do not let you
withdraw £500 only £400max