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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Civil Unrest in Sweden

The Ramadan celebrations have spread to Sweden. The Local have run two very cursory articles about firefighters being injured by stone-throwing youths on Friday night, responding to a wave of youth unrest and activity which began Thursday night.

The full picture comes to us from the Swedish blog Politiskt Inkorrekt:
Friday evening began quietly in Gothenburg. Then came the alarms from the different districts. Around midnight suffered more trams on the line against Opal Square to throw stones. On the tram line 1 was shattered two panes on the driver's seat and the box inside the trailer. Then the tram was hit by several stones a few minutes later .

- We were more or less lucky to escape and save the car and the passengers in it, "says Mikael Lagerqvist, traffic controller on the tram.

Tramway decided last night to stop all traffic between Frölunda Torg and Opal Square because of stone-throwing. Although the officers were subjected to thrown stones when they arrived at the scene.

- We were attacked at a tram stop in Frölunda, said action manager Martin Fredman.

The most serious incident occurred at 01.15 in Göteborg. A fire engine from the station in Kortedala drove with blue lights turned on, alerted to a container-fire. When the vehicle passed one of the walking bridges at Göteborg, it came under attack.

- The stone came from nowhere. The driver did not have time to react, but he managed to stop the vehicle, "says Stefan Hermansson, Chief of Staff at the emergency Greater Gothenburg.

The stone, weighing 5.7 kilograms, made a half-meter wide hole in the windscreen and hit the driver on the arm and knee. Civil Protection Force leaders sat leaning forward in the attack on the passenger seat and escaped injury thanks to his helmet. A firefighter in the back seat of the vehicle had broken glass in his eyes. The two injured firefighters were taken to hospital but is reported to have escaped serious damage. On Kortedala fire station, and civil protection in general, there was on Saturday morning a sense of shock and anger among staff.

Police spokesman Martin Fredman briefly summarises some of the night's violence :

- Stones against buses in Billdal, rockets have been shot as well against the police, general buildings and cars in Göteborg. Stones against the fire brigade in Bergum, stones against police and rescue services in Göteborg, rockets have been shot in Bergsgård school as they were about to burn it, but it got off the emergency services.

At 03.40 the fire at several garages full length Constellation Road in Kortedala, Bergsjön burn at full speed. Spread the risk was high and the emergency services received a work on two fronts - trying to limit the spread and extinguish the fire hearth. Total fire injured 14 garages. Four cars completely destroyed when an equal number of garage spaces were burned out. Bilbränder in Frölunda, Tuve, Ödegärdet Bond drill field. In addition, fires built in New Bergsgård School in Göteborg and in Tuve IF's clubhouse.

The police have failed to grasp any of any of attacks. Despite all the trouble Martin Fredman pays tribute to all adults who were absent.

- It is gratifying is that it is very adult out there, especially in Göteborg and in Hisingen and in Frölunda. They are we really grateful, they do a great job there.

* 10 August: The police make an effort to disperse young people in Backa and are perceived as unnecessarily heavy-handed.
* 18 August: The unrest in Backa starts. Police cars are subject to heavy stone throwing at Blendas street. A car is on fire.
* 19 August: The police, housing company, Poseidon and the district administration in Backa meet to discuss matters. In the evening, continuing unrest in both Biskopsgården and Backa.
* 20 August: Additional resources deployed in the hunt for the culprits behind the unrest in Hisingen the past few days. Between 80 and 100 young people were involved, police said.
* 21 August: A 22-year-old arrested after the recent unrest in Backa. He is considered one of the more proactive promoters in the crowd. He was released after a few days, but remains a suspect.
* 22 August: The unrest spread to Tynnered and Frölunda. Youths threw stones at security guards and fire brigade. An investigation is ongoing.
* 25 August: The fires and stone-throwing continues in several districts.
* 27 August: Suspected arson. Some of Vättnedalsskolan in Tynnered damaged by fire. Building the birch grove cafe on fire. Moped on fire at Vättnedalsskolan.

Gottsunda, Uppsala

There was concern in the district Gottsunda in Uppsala on Friday night and Saturday night. It was the second night in a row that was unsettled in the area, with several cars set on fire. At a larger fraction of Gottsunda Center on Friday evening the police took charge of seven young people for disturbing the peace. They were released later. Two people have visited the hospital to plaster on and upset Gottsundabor accused the police of having abused adolescents.

- In these situations it is often difficult and there are always people who refuse to obey police and then you have to take in. There is no notification to the police for assault, "said Christer Nordström, spokesman at the Uppsala police.

- Among these young people, there are some that are known to us previously, "said Christer Nordström.

Panes were shattered at Gottsunda center, Gottsundabadet and Gottsunda School. An unmanned parked väktarbil also came under stones in connection with the security guard had gone on alert for vandalism. Later in the night started a mobile home fire in the area and two other cars that were parked nearby also received injuries. It was the second night in a row as cars were set on fire in Gottsunda and Valsätra area. On the night of Friday ignited four cars. Even in Kivihaka set a car on fire during the night
The translation comes from Google, and is far from perfect, but I think it provides a fair idea of what is currently going on - far better than anything available in English, anyway.

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