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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Rukhsar Khan Brutally Beat 18 Year Old

So, now punching someone in the face before repeatedly stamping on them and kicking them in the head whilst screaming racist abuse doesn't even warrant a jail term.

From The Bolton News:

A TEENAGER was attacked for saying “hello” to a man outside a takeaway.

Carl Bradley, aged 18, was sitting on a wall with a friend outside a takeaway shop in Eskrick Street, Halliwell, and was speaking to strangers as they walked by.

Bolton Crown Court heard that Rukhsar Khan arrived at about 9pm on October 18 and Mr Bradley said “hello” to him. Khan, who thought that Mr Bradley was making fun of him, punched Mr Bradley in the face, causing him to fall off the wall.

Ann Hughes, prosecuting, told the court that witnesses saw Khan jump over the wall and start stamping on him and kicking him in the head while shouting racist abuse.

Mr Bradley suffered a cut lip in the attack, which left him shaken.

In a victim-impact statement, Mr Bradley said: “It has affected my confidence and scares me to think that I can be attacked for saying hello to someone.”

Khan, aged 25, of Bertrand Road, Gilnow, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated common assault and was yesterday given an eight-month prison sentence suspended for 12 months, and ordered to complete 60 hours’ unpaid work and attend an anger-management programme.

He must also £150 pay compensation to the victim and £350 court costs.


Nick said...

Absolutely shocking. What is the world coming to?

At a course last week, I was told that under Scottish law if I was sitting next to the victim of this attack, I could lawfully chin the attacker.

One must only use reasonable force though, doing so to stop the attack is one thing, but doling out punishment for the initial attack is another.

What's reasonable force? My understanding is that you can use approximately the level of violence the attacker is using in order to stop him, and to give yourself, or in this case yourself and the victim, a chance to escape.

Nick said...

So, if the guy was punching and kicking his victim, then you could give him a chap on the chin and lay him out, or if you'd prefer, kick him in the nuts. Then it's time to exit the scene.

But if you laid him out and then gave him a beating (to "teach him a lesson") that wouldn't be on, and you could be charged with assault.