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Monday, 24 August 2009

Dutch Brothers Threatened After Being Mistaken for Gays by Muslim Neighbour

A frightening taste of the future from Islam in Europe:
Two brothers in Amsterdam were forced to move since their Muslim neighbour thought they were a gay couple and threatened them with violence.

In July the two got into a fight with the neighbour. "Dirty homos," the man said according to one of the (straight) brothers, "I'll kill you."

When he asked the man why, he came at him with a knife, the brother told Dutch newspaper Het Parool. When they asked for more explanation, the man went back home, saying he was going to get a gun. The brothers fled.

They lodged a complaint for threats and sought shelters elsewhere. According to the brothers the man is an orthodox Muslims who goes about dressed in a white djellaba with a matching crocheted cap. They doubt if the man's mentally stable.

The residence association of Ymere has meanwhile offered the brothers a different residence since their safety can't be assured. They also started the process to evict the man.
Source: GayKrant (Dutch)

Note the line "they doubt if the man is mentally stable."

That is something which crops up time and time again when Muslims in the West do things which are perfectly rational to them - to anyone, if one is a believer and follows the proscriptions of the Koran closely.

We had it just the other day when a Muslim man attacked beauty salons in Belgium whilst screaming about women and what Allah allows.

If we follow that route, are we to conclude there are no sane men in, say, Afghanistan?

It's simply a cop out to distract us from th real issues.


Nick said...

It's too late at night for my memory to be working properly, but wasn't there a similar case in France prior to the Halimi murder, where a supposedly crazy fellow who just happened to be a Muslim fell upon one of his neighbours. A DJ, if I remember right. He went back up to his own house afterwards and told his mother that he had killed himself a Jew, or something like that.

I'm sure I've got a link to that story somewhere but like I said, it's too late - I should say early, it's half past three in the morning (damned night shifts) - and I can't think where to begin looking.

Nick said...

Sebastian Selam was the bloke's name. See link.

Nick said...

Sebastien Selam, even. Like I said, it's late.