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Thursday, 20 August 2009

"Mentally Disturbed" Man Attackes Belgian Beauty Salons

From Islam in Europe:
The Jette (Brussels) police arrested a mentally ill 30 year old man who had it in for several beauty salons. The man went in and out of various salon while reciting verses from the Koran. In the last salon he suddenly grabbed a table and chair and threw them at the manager.

The police arrested him further down the street. He looked very confused and during his interrogation he said that he was sent by Allah to punish women who put on makeup and did not respect the Koran. After consultation with the public prosecutor of Brussels he was brought to the psychiatric unit of a nearby hospital.
Source: HLN (Dutch)

Of course, what the media fails to mention is that this is behaviour which would be seen as perfectly rational and acceptable by a believer who takes the Koran literally.

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