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Friday, 21 August 2009

Sarvar Ebrihimian "Bit Bouncer's Ear Off"

From This is Staffordshire:

BOUNCER Ian Brookes had his ear bitten off while ejecting a customer from Hanley's Jumpin' Jaks nightspot, jurors heard.

The club's head doorman told Stafford Crown Court he felt a man's teeth sink into his right ear as they struggled near the exit door.

"I felt a pain in my right ear, thought nothing of it at the time. Then he started pulling backwards and I realised he had got my ear in his teeth," said Mr Brookes.

"I went with him because I knew he had my ear in his mouth. I remember releasing my grip and trying to push his head off my ear. I remember him coming off my ear and I fainted."

The prosecution allege Mr Brookes was assaulted by Sarvar Ebrihimian.

Paul Beardwell, for the Crown, claimed: "This gentleman was asked to leave the nightclub. He became aggressive and that aggression manifested itself in an attack on Mr Brookes which left him with half his ear missing."

Ebrihimian, aged 29, of Seven Arches Way, Stoke, denies unlawful wounding.

The jury heard the incident happened on January 31 this year.

Mr Brookes received a complaint from a woman in the Brunswick Road nightspot and went to speak to the defendant.

"At first he was fine, he walked in front of me, no problems," said Mr Brookes. "As we started to walk towards the exit, he turned, started bouncing, fists clenched, staring at me, like he was ready to go at me.

"As he came forward, I put my arms up and pushed him back towards the exit. He started to throw punches at my head. I put my head down so he couldn't smash me in the face. I got control and edged through the exit door."

Mr Brookes said he thought the man was going to headbutt him, so turned his head to the side – that was when he felt the pain in his ear.

"When I came round, I remember seeing him on the floor, restrained by door staff." He was taken to the first aid room, where other members of staff tried to stop the bleeding.

He was later taken to hospital and underwent surgery on his ear, followed by stitching.

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