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Friday, 28 August 2009

Three Wise Monkeys in Denmark

Recently I wrote about the case of a Danish schoolboy who is being prosecuted for printing and distributing posters warning of the dangers of mass immigration and Islamisation.

If convicted he faces a possible two year jail term - in a country where a brutal gang rape will get you about three years.

Are his warnings that Denmark is becoming a far more violent and unpleasant place justified?

Well, shooting undercover police officers and gang warfare aside, street crime in Copenhagen is soaring:

Street robbery has increased significantly in Copenhagen so far this year, according to the latest police statistics.

Copenhagen Police report that there have been 498 street robberies in the first six months of the year, averaging two a day.

Similar robberies for the whole of 2008 totalled 660 and police say they have noticed a definite increase so far this year.

In the Bellahøj police district, which encompasses the area around Nørrebro train station, Deputy Superintendent Kaj Folke confirmed street crime is on the rise in the area, blaming it on the emergence of new thieving gangs.

Meanwhile in the Station City district, which includes the busy Nørreport Station area, police said the perpetrators are gangs of young people targeting victims as young as 10, stealing their mobile phones and ATM cards.

‘We have some groups of young people that play havoc in certain areas and are responsible for a large part of street crime,’ said a police spokesman to Berlingske Tidende newspaper.

According to some, this is largely because of the failure of something called 'youth policy' and 'projects', because apparently some kids need a wall to paint to, er, stop them forming gangs and attacking patrolling police officers (and we've all been there, haven't we, when we were young?):
After a weekend of unrest in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, Justice Minister Brian Mikkelsen has criticised Copenhagen Council for failing to address youth issues.

The criticism comes following Saturday night’s unrest, during which small groups of youths attacked police officers in Nørrebro.

”It’s the Council’s job to carry out crime prevention work, something that I feel has seriously failed in Copenhagen. When someone tries to take over a street – as they did on Saturday night – there’s only one way forward: a harsh policy – the zero tolerance method,” says Mikkelsen.

While Mikkelsen supports the police decision to act firmly, he says that Copenhagen Council efforts in Nørrebro do not seem to have helped.

“Copenhagen Council has a lot of projects. There are a lot of well-meaning people, but no results. What may be lacking is a firmer hand that gets hold of these young people and makes sure that they go to their schools and jobs,” Mikkelsen says.
It's obviously never occurred to Mikkelsen that perhaps some people just shouldn't have been brought to Denmark in large numbers in the first place.

The elephant in the room in these articles is that the schoolboy currently on trial is right; mass immigration leads to more crime and more violence, and itis happening in Denmark just as surely as it happened in Britain, Holland, France and Sweden.

Recent reports have emerged of a Lebanese family who drove 23 others out of a social housing project with their behaviour:
One single family terrorizes an entire housing area in Elsinore, Denmark. The management now urges the neighbors to resettle elsewhere, until the family in question can be thrown out.

by Nicholas Rytgaard

Broken windows, punctured tires, and death threats have become everyday events in the Belvedere Road area in Elsinore, where for a long time one family has harassed the residents of the tenement’s twenty-three other apartments.

It culminated last night when police had to rush out with dogs to deal with a fight in the area. A young immigrant boy spat on a woman who, according to police sent a “an offense” back. Shortly thereafter, several people arrived and fights developed among twenty to thirty people.

Now the management has had enough of all the fuss.

“It is an absurd and ludicrous situation. If society cannot remove the family in question, we must move the others,” says Steffen Boel Joergensen, manager of the Lejerbo estate in North Zealand and Copenhagen.

He has now offered the twenty-three families a new place to live, until the harassing family is out of the apartment buildings.
“I spoke with one resident who asked me if they could get another place to live. Accordingly we offered them another flat immediately,” says Steffen Joergensen.

The management informed the family that it has been denounced, but to begin with they have six weeks to object, and if they do so, it ends up in a housing court action which can go on for years.

Steffen Boel Joergensen cannot wait that long.

“It is grotesque that twenty-three families’ lives will be disrupted just in order to obey those procedures. It should be possible in such extreme cases to throw people out with an hour’s notice,” says the manager.

He is ready to take the case to the special enforcement court in order to get the family out as soon as possible.

As a housing manager, he has no major problems with the extra costs of rehousing the other families. He has a more general concern.

“It is bad enough that these people have lost their confidence in protection of civilization. The protection has been abolished at Belvedere Road. Here the law of the jungle prevails,” he says.
Slightly more information from The Copenhagen Post:

Life has reportedly been hell for the 23 families since the family in question moved into Lejerbo housing association’s Unit 32 rental flats on Belvederevej last October.

The residents have allegedly faced harassment, violence and threats from the family on a daily basis.

The conflict peaked on Monday while the family accused of the rotten behaviour was entertaining relatives. Their children reportedly began throwing rocks and spitting at other families in the building’s playground area. When they were told to stop, their parents came down to the playground armed with knives and clubs.

A melee ensued and two residents were injured and taken to hospital, while one man was arrested.

Threats have since followed the incident, including the Lebanese family spray painting, ‘We’ve killed a man. Watch your step. Ha ha!’ on the sidewalk outside the building.

But instead of the aggressive family being forced to move out, Lejerbo housing association has instead volunteered to relocate the other families at no charge. The reason is that the one family cannot be evicted until the matter is settled through a court order.

Birgitte Wittendorff, head of Helsingør’s social services department, said the city did not have the power to negotiate solutions in household or neighbour disputes. But the city would step in and evict the family as soon as it had the legal means to do so.

The 23 families previously filed their case with the Tenant Complaints Board and the family was ‘evicted’ by the board – a decision that must be upheld in the court before it can be actualised.

In the meantime, many of the building’s residents were reportedly living in fear, especially those who testifying in the eviction case.

Even more (and very interesting) from the blog Uriaposten:
Mads Steffensen, DR host: They had to listen to words and phrases such as racist, whore [..] all the Danes must die, all the Danes and Jews must die. The residents of Belvederevej in Helsingør feel that they live in a war-zone, it's a life of violence, threats and vandalism. There are two blocks, 23 families, and in one apartment there's a Lebanese family. The day after the family got a termination notice in a case, which anyways hasn't concluded yet, then you got a greeting, where you live.

Elisabeth Dreijer Sørensen, resident's representative: Yes, I got a red cross on my door. And later we learned what it means - that we are infidels, and that we're on the death list. Yes, the vandalism didn't stop there, because also three cars were scratched, and all four tires were punctured, after they got their notice. But though they've received their notice, they still have three months..
"All the Danes and Jews must die", "racist", "whore".

Exactly what these individuals think of their erstwhile hosts, who have rescued them from a life of allegedly grinding poverty and drudgery.

No gratitude - just an attempt to conquer the next piece of territory, and the next.

Perhaps that Danish schoolboy should be running for Prime Minister instead of facing prison - someone with some sense must prevail, and soon.

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