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Thursday, 27 August 2009

British Soldier Escaped Kidnappers in Kuwait

The Telegraph reports that a British soldier managed to flee five knife-wielding men described as 'Muslim fanatics' after they kidnapped him in Kuwait City:

Private Peter Walker was ambushed by five men wielding knives in Kuwait City before being beaten up and bundled into a building.

Pte Walker, in his mid-20s, was then left alone while his captors talked into mobile phones. The soldier, who had gone for a pizza in civilian clothes, struggled free and scrambled up a flight of steps – to find he was trapped on the first floor.

He then jumped off the balcony as the gang chased after him and managed to land safely before running to safety through the streets below.

Pte Walker, who was serving with 59 Movement Control Squadron, 29 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps, in Iraq before the pull-out of British troops in May, is back in Britain after the ordeal last Sunday.

It is believed the gang pounced after they heard him speak English. A source told The Sun: "Pte Walker had gone out to the local pizza shop but found it closed.

"He was ambushed by five men. He feared they were going to sell him on to terrorists. They were all talking on mobiles. Pte Walker tried to speak to them in English but they blanked him.

"He ran up the stairs and had no option but to jump off the balcony. If he hadn't escaped he could have been held to ransom or beheaded by terrorists."

The Ministry of Defence said that Kuwaiti police and the Royal Military Police are investigating.

Hopefully not part of a new trend, but it seems right up the Islamists' alley to target the unsuspecting off duty soldiers who aren't even armed.


Anonymous said...

Heads up on a Jerusalem Post article that is right up your alley:


Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention -- solid blog here.

That Phillipa Ebene has some nerve -- not only in her censoring of the grand mufti's collaboration with the Nazis, but also in her saucy responses to the media. I cannot begin to imagine how outraged German Jews must be by her disgusting behaviour.

curlysue-Kuwait said...

Don't believe a word of it. Chances are he was down in Kuwait to pick up some filipina women, and popped out for a pizza, then got mugged by a few anxious bengalis....believe me.....