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Monday, 17 August 2009

The Joys of Diversity & Cultural Enrichment (XXIII)

A look at which Western country is getting the most out of its immigration policy. Today's contenders are Denmark, Portugal and the U.S.

1) Denmark

A young woman was forced to perform oral sex under threat of death in Helsingør:
20-year old woman forced into oral sex

A tour of the town ended badly for a 20-year-old woman in Helsingør, who on her way home was accosted by a man who dragged her into a laundromat, where he forced her to complete oral sex, report the North Zealand police.

The woman was walking home alone at about 4am through Strandgade in Helsingør, where she was met by a 20- to 25-year-old foreign man.

He pulled her by the hair into the laundromat, where he threatened to kill her unless she performed oral sex on him.

The police treats the case as “forced sexual conduct other than intercourse”, which is not rape, but closely related.

The man is described as 20-25 years old, 185 cm tall, and slender of build. He wore a white shirt with stripes, and blue jeans.

2) Portugal

A young man was stabbed to death in Bairro Alto by a group of Africans, who may have been attempting to molest the young women he was with at the time:
The police authorities still haven’t revealed what led a group of Africans to run behind a group of three girls and a young man who ended up being killed after being stabbed. The local inhabitants speak of theft and drugs. They also say that the Africans “tried to get some from the girls”.

No one knows what started the crime of murder that victimized a nineteen-year-old male, stabbed in the chest and shoulder, at 03:30 last night, right in the middle of a public street [this implies that the street was crowded, although it is not clear about it. At that time most streets of Bairro Alto are indeed crowded but some contiguous streets are empty and only a few old men, drug addicts or recently-arrived illegals, live there. — translator] in Bairro Alto, Lisbon. The suspect was detained immediately by the PSP and preventively arrested. At the scene, local inhabitants pointed to various hypotheses: problems involved with drug trafficking, an attempt at theft, or because they were “messing with the girls” who accompanied the victim.

In the neighborhood, the DN [newspaper] spoke with a resident who witnessed the crime, at the corner of Atalaia street with the Plazza Água da Flor, close to the Bairro Alto Market. “I was in bed, trying to sleep, and heard someone screaming for someone to stop. I came to the window and saw a group of many blacks running for four whites, three girls and a guy,” she said.

“Right afterwards I heard a distressed screaming; it must have been when the guy was stabbed and stayed there lying on the sidewalk. The police were already on foot trying to get the blacks and managed to catch three of them. The others ran away,” she said, adding that “the knife stayed on the ground, covered in blood”.

The same woman remember that “then came an ambulance and a car with doctors that tried to save the guy for a long time, but he never responded. The policemen told the three girls to leave, and one of them was screaming that she was only going to leave with the guy. But he died there. Between 06.00 and 07.00 in the morning they took him away”.
She adds that “the boy and the girls were all very good-looking and very young. They looked like university students”.

Concerning the motives for the crime, one women who lives close by said, “maybe, the others messed with the girls, the boy did not like it and confronted them…”

Another man believes it was an “attempt at theft that ended up badly”.

José, who has lived for many years in Bairro Alto and says he knows the area well, emphasizes that that quarter of Atalaia Street “is problematic, because that’s where drugs are sold. They take cover close to the municipal market to do their transactions. It is normal for big discussions, confrontations, and fights to take place there when the drug dealers try to ‘wash away’ and sell phony drugs”.

Officially, the metropolitan commandant of the PSP (Security Public Police) of Lisbon admits that “it’s not possible yet to know the causes of what happened”, although “various witnesses were heard and identified”.

The PSP states that, after having received a call reporting a disorder in the Bairro Alto, it mobilized officers who found at Rosa Street two men involved in a physical confrontation, one of whom, 26 years old, had a knife covered with blood that was taken away by the police officers. Both men were injured.

Further down, at the Água da Flor Plazza, the officers saw a 19 years old man lying in the pavement, with severe injuries caused by a white weapon in the chest and shoulder, but still alive. He was medically assisted at the scene, but eventually died.

The 26-year-old man, who is suspect of having murdered the young man, was detained by the PSP and driven to the hospital to be treated, because he “was injured in the right arm”, says the same police source. The other individual, aged 20, who was struggling with the presumed murderer, also sustained injuries and was assisted at the scene.

3) United States

An illegal immigrant from Jordan has been told he faces deportation after jail time after admitting setting up a series of EBay scams which netted him over $600,000:
For more than two years, Ahmad Jallad worked exclusively out of his home, buying stolen goods from known shoplifters and selling them for a profit on Internet auction sites, an assistant U.S. attorney said yesterday.

For the stolen goods, Jallad received about $664,000 over several years.
Jallad, 34, of 5675 Swan Creek Dr. pleaded guilty Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Toledo to one count of mail fraud.

Because he has had illegal status in the United States for 11 years, he faces deportation to Jordan after jail time. A sentencing date has not been set.

"He admitted he paid a substantial number of shoplifters to go into chain drug stores and steal high-dollar items and sold them on eBay," Assistant U.S. Attorney Seth Uram said.

The charge against Jallad was the result of a lengthy investigation that involved confidential informants and sting operations. According to an affidavit filed for a search warrant, undercover agents were sent into a convenience store where Jallad worked and sold him items he was told were stolen from chain drugstores.

The items were consistent with those sold on eBay from an account Jallad set up, authorities said.

"He established an eBay account to sell items he knew had been stolen from the chain pharmacies in the Toledo metropolitan area," Jallad's plea agreement said. "The defendant further admits he purchased the stolen items from individuals he knew to be shoplifters and that he sometimes gave these shoplifters lists of items he would buy from them, knowing the shoplifters would steal these items from pharmacies."

Specifically, court documents indicated items such as Crest Whitestrips, Rogaine foam, and Alli weight loss pills were sold through Jallad's eBay account.

According to court documents, as of Feb. 12, Jallad's eBay site showed he had sold 5,521 items online since 2004. PayPal records show about 2,000 more items were sold outside eBay using Jallad's Pay Pal account to transfer funds.

All the items sold were shipped through the U.S. Postal Service, leading to the charge of mail fraud.

Mr. Uram said Jallad came to the area on a student visa to attend the University of Toledo. He said that visa expired more than a decade ago.
According to the government, Jallad faces a range of imprisonment of 27 to 33 months. He also agreed to pay $244, 477 in restitution.
Hat tip: Gates of Vienna.

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eh said...

Disproportionate immigrant criminality is a problem in many countries. Even more important, but less talked about -- 'integration' is supposed to solve all problems -- is the significant academic underachievement of many immigrant groups. This can have serious economic implications once the population reaches a sort of critical mass -- they just do not contribute proportionally to the 'value added' sectors of the economy.

CALIFORNIA - Per capita income in state is expected to sink over 20 years - Growth in poorly educated population is blamed in study

And more generally, but with some specifics about The Netherlands:


Responsible people need to pay more attention to this, especially given the 'Ponzi scheme' nature of most state pension schemes -- where existing workers must pay the retirement benefits of those who have retired. How is that going to work with 1) lower birth rates among the native population right across the western world, and 2) mass immigration of people who, on average, are less productive and so earn less?