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Saturday, 11 July 2009

White Flight Segregating British Schools

An interesting yet unsurprising article from The Times:

White parents are pulling their children out of schools where they are outnumbered by ethnic-minority pupils, according to a report that shows increasing segregation in Britain.

The Institute of Community Cohesion (iCoCo) studied 13 areas, including Bristol, Bolton, Sunderland and Blackburn, and questioned parents.

Middle-class parents — who are usually white — were removing children from schools with growing populations of ethnic minorities because they didn’t want them to stand out, the authors of the report said.

“We heard strong evidence of ‘white flight’ in some areas,” the report said.

It concluded: “Despite the fact that most people we spoke to in focus groups wanted their children to have a mixed education, parental choice tended to push people to what they saw as the safe option, where children with similar backgrounds went.” The report also found that in areas where schools were monocultural, parents sent their child to the school dominated by pupils from their own ethnic background.

Nick Johnston, one of the authors and a policy director at the iCoCo, said that parents did not want their child to be odd ones out. “People don’t mind a diverse school but what they do mind is their kid being in a visible minority. This trend has increased in the last few years,” he said.In one school in Blackburn, once the number of non-white pupils rose above 60 per cent, white parents started saying that they did not want their children to feel different.

At another unnamed school, 85 per cent of the pupils were white British at the end of 2005. During the next two terms pupils from 15 to 20 Somali families joined.

Johnston suggested that councils should consider using lotteries to increase school diversity.

I have touched on some of the issues surrounding this before, and it hardly surprises me. Britain is not the only country in which this is happening, either.

Of course, the report deliberately overlooks much; when parents opt for the 'safe' choice, they mean that more literally than is suggested.

For example, parents are likely to be far more concerned about their children being physically attacked, coerced into gangs, sexually harassed or dealt drugs to than picking up a few words of Bengali or a different taste in cuisine. Of course, publishing that doesn't quite fit the 'it's all the fault of evil white racists who continue to resist diversity' line.

But, to admit that would mean that 'diversity' has failed.

The report's solutions are fairly standard; what's needed is a lottery system - not less diversity, or an objective look at why majority non-Western schools tend to be violent holding pens.

Clearly, white parents are not fit to make their own decisions - diversity will be forced upon them, at any cost.

Increasingly, natives seem to be the only ones paying.


Dr.D said...

Isn't it strange that wherever "diversity" has been pushed, it has led to trouble and failure. This is true in the UK, it is true in the US, it is true throughout the Anglosphere. Why do we not see that the problem is diversity itself, that this is a seriously erroneous concept?

We used to hear the argument that diversity at the microorganism level was good, so it was good for people too. That does not come out too often now, because it has been pretty well debunked. Just because marrying and having children with your first cousin is not a good idea does not mean that our social contacts need to extend to the whole world; that much seems to be becoming clear.

Now diversity is thrust upon us as a matter of "justice," but justice for who? To whom is diversity owed? We do not asked these people to invade us, we do not want them among us, so who owes what to whom?

The term "Community Cohesion" suggests that our masters have decreed diversity as a means of keeping the peace, of forcing people to get along. The will compel us to all get along, much like children on the school ground. This really puts the lie to the idea that we should be free to associate with those we want to and not be forced to be with those we prefer not be with.

All in all, diversity as a voluntary concept is simply a FAILURE. Now, diversity is about control as it is everything else in socialist/communist states such as the UK and USA.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Excellent comment Dr. D, thank you.

I'm inclined to agree; the problem is that diversity itself is a huge social experiment - I look at it as taking the old Marxist concept of 'class war' to the next stage.

All barriers between people must be broken down, they are oppressive and evil etc - but with no real comprehension of why such barriers might exist in the first place, or that such things might be natural rather than artificial.

The other thing, often overlooked, which points to the failure of diversity is the tensions one often sees between different groups of immigrants in the West.

They are often far more vocal about what and who they dislike than the natives.

At one stage London frequently saw huge bloody fights between different groups of youths; Turks and Kurds, Chechens and Russians, Sikhs and Muslims.