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Monday, 6 July 2009

U.S. & Muslim Superheroes Team Up

More propaganda aimed at the young; what children in the West need, apparently, is an easily digestible understanding of just how tolerant Islam is, and what real Islamic values look like.

From Israel National News:
(IsraelNN.com) U/S. superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman will appear together with the Muslim superheros known as The 99 in a new comic series to be released within a year. The initiative is a collaborative effort of DC Comics and Kuwait-based Teshkeel comics.

The 99 series was started in 2006 by Naif Al-Mutawa, who wanted to portray Islam in a more tolerant light. It features 99 different superheros based on Muslim figures and values, but they are not overtly religious so that the comics can be read by people of all faiths.

Mutawa says he’s not sure how the new storyline between the Western and Muslim superheroes will develop. “Are we going to have them working together from day one,” he asks. “Or will they think the other is the enemy? There are plenty of possibilities.”

DC Comics president Paul Levitz looked forward to the new venture. “It is a long-standing tradition for characters to meet other in the fictional world,” he said. “This is a nice step forward.”

The 99, created by writers who have worked previously at DC or Marvel Comics, sells around one million copies a year. It has also spawned an animation series and an amusement park.


Solkhar said...

I fail to understand what your criticism or point is?

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

"More propaganda aimed at the young."

Would you like it in neon pink as well?

Solkhar said...

what Marvel and DC comic heroes such as superman, spiderman and the rest are propoganda?

Personally I used to only read X-Men when I was younger.

Guess it is a generation or social thingy that you do not understand or put values in cartoon superheroes.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Stop being deliberately disingenuous.

You know very well what part I meant, or you wouldn't be here trolling.

This is a deliberate ploy to spread lies about how wonderfully 'tolerant' Islamic values are - it says so quite clearly in the text.

Solkhar said...

Seems your along in what-ever your interpetations are.

The Israeli newspaper reported fairly and correctly:

DC Comics president Paul Levitz looked forward to the new venture. “It is a long-standing tradition for characters to meet other in the fictional world,” he said. “This is a nice step forward.”

The biggest problem is that with all your ranting and raving, the reality is your not even qualified to begin even understanding let alone judging what "Islamic Values" are.

Under your blind interpretation, Islam would not accept for example the existance of cartoons, women with rights and living in peace, even though that all is there and does exist. Thus it is you who is conceptually helping and supporting the fundamentalists stand up!

Personally I am very happy that DC Comics have linked with the imagination of those Muslim Emirati Arabs who have created something special for Muslim youth in the region who have had only political pamphlets or western material to read.

Also, again your criticism of something good, that in fact helps battle against fundamentalists who reject such things as comics, so congratulations for "wanting" the fundamentalists to win.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


In your opinion, the only person on earth qualified to judge Islamic values is 'Solkhar'.

Don't tell me what I think about Islam; all I know in this case is that if the comics depicted Mohammed, or interpreted Islam in a light which caused 'offence' (i.e. not air-brushing out the many, many violent, 9th Century and uncivilised aspects), we would be seeing riots. I know that because it's happened too many times before.

As it is, I don't for a moment think this enterprise is about 'fighting fundamentalism' - it's about pulling the wool over the eyes of the Kuffar with nonsense about tolerance, respect and 'Religion of Peace'.

The fact that you think this is a good idea goes some way towards proving that. But of course - whatever 'moderate' Muslims find acceptable we must all love, right?

You just want to tell us what we're allowed to draw, like, interpret - well, not here.

I find presenting the religion of violence, oppression, death and medieval suffering as one of peace and love offensive.

deals said...

sorry but i don't like these Muslim superheroes

korzac said...

I am only curious to see what sort of comics we will get here.

The usual arguments about bad or good Islamic values is not always relevant.