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Friday, 3 July 2009

The Sorry State of British Justice

Here is British justice in action - the sentences handed down to two men involved in the brutal gang-rape of a young girl, after which she was hideously burned with caustic soda (to destroy DNA evidence or as a form of torture could not be decided) have been raised.

Despite this, they are still pathetic and wholly inadequate given that the girl in question will never fully recover from her scars.

From the BBC:

Two young men involved in the gang-rape of a girl who was then attacked with caustic soda have had their sentences increased by the Court of Appeal.

The judges ruled that the terms being served by Rogel McMorris, 18, and Jason Brew, 19, were unduly lenient.

McMorris who was convicted of two rape counts and one of causing grievous bodily harm, had his sentence increased from nine years to 14 years.

Brew had his six-year sentence for one count of rape increased to nine years.

The judges decided not to increase the sentence imposed on Hector Muaimba, 21, an Angolan immigrant, who was also found guilty of one charge of rape.

He was sentenced to six years for the attack and is serving an additional two years for a separate Old Bailey conviction for robbery.

McMorris and Brew, both from Haringey, north London, and Muaimba, from Waltham Forest, east London, were jailed at London's Wood Green Crown Court on 19 January.

The 16-year-old victim, who had a mental age of just eight, was disfigured for life in the attack in Tottenham, north London.

The sentences were referred to the Court of Appeal by Attorney General Baroness Scotland, to determine whether they should have been given longer sentences.

Lady Scotland said: "This was a horrific case and I believed the sentences in this case were unduly lenient because they did not reflect the dehumanising treatment of the victim.

"I am pleased that the court agreed with this assessment and decided to increase two of the three sentences from nine to 14 years and six to nine years respectively."

Lord Justice Judge said the crimes were "truly shocking cases" and the victim suffered "appalling injuries".

He pointed out that Brew and Muaimba were not alleged to have had any involvement in the attack with the caustic soda.

Learning disability charity Mencap welcomed the tougher sentences.

A couple of things spring to mind; firstly, the sentences still do not reflect ''how the victim was treated' - i.e. what these men are capable of.

Secondly, some seem to think the most objectionable aspect of this case is that the girl was mentally disabled.

It is never OK to behave in the way these individuals did. Society can only exist when the most base and wicked impulses are ignored.

Those who cannot ignore them, or feel them to this degree, have no place in society.

If they do - none of us are safe.

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Dr.D said...

The death sentence used to be common for rape. When did that cease to be the case? Why?

To argue that "we are more civilized now" is a joke when you consider the sort of "more civilized" folks you are dealing with today. It seems to me it is more called for today than ever before. These people need to be terminated, not given an additional few years at public expense.