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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sharp Increase in Asylum Seekers Reaching Norway

A translation of a report from VG Norway via Counter Jihad News:
Sharp increase in the number of young asylum seekers. Twice as many applications were given.During the first six months, 8100 asylum seekers registered in Norway.

The number of children who came alone is increasing.

This appears by the latest figures from the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) that VG Nett has been given access to. Figures from the first half of 2009 first presented at a press conference.
One of the sharpest increase is in the number of asylum seekers who request to stay in Norway.

By the end of June UDI had
received in 8100 applications - 50 percent more than the first half of last year. If the trend continues, the government expects that by year-end total 18,000 asylum applications will be registered, compared with 14,431 last year and about 6,500 in 2007.

The latest figures from the UDI also shows that the proportion of minors under 18 and without caregivers only gets larger and larger. 70 percent of all those who say they are single minors so far this year, are from Afghanistan. [How, exactly does an Afghani kid travel from Afghanistan to Norway?

Deputy Anne Siri Rustad of UDI tells
Aftenposten that the need to give asylum seekers a roof over their heads in summer is so great that they are considering to make the use of boats, tents, camps and the civil defense people.

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