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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Migrant Camps Cleared in Greece

The sheer overwhelming numbers of illegal immigrants entering Greece as a gateway to the rest of the European Union continues to cause the country problems.

Last week there was a march in Athens against 'racism', which is what the country's far-Left calls tougher rhetoric on illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers.

The conservative government in Greece have toughened their stance in response to gains made by the far-Right in the European Parliament elections:

Athens -- About 2,000 people took to the streets in Athens last week to protest against racism and government plans to deport clandestine migrants.

Demonstrators marched to parliament, carrying banners, reading "No to racism, no to the government measures" and shouting "Hands off immigrants" and "No to expulsions".

The protest was organised by trade unions, a migrant defence committee and left-wing groups.

Far-left groups including anarchists marched in Athens on Tuesday and clashed with far-right groups and police in a district inhabited mainly by migrants.

Greece's conservative government took a tougher position on immigration after the extreme right won seven percent of the vote in last month's European Parliament election.

The interior ministry announced last week it would step up the number of expulsions using charter flights.

More than 250,000 clandestine migrants live in Greece, many hoping to reach western Europe, according to estimates by experts and non-government organisations.

In reality, the figure is probably much higher, some think closer to 2,ooo,ooo.

Yesterday, a makeshift migrant camp which has plagued the city of Patras for nearly ten years was cleared by riot police. The only structures left standing were a makeshift clinic and mosque:

Greek riot police have led an operation to demolish a makeshift camp housing illegal immigrants in the western port city of Patras.

The camp was used by migrants hoping to smuggle themselves onto ships bound for Italy and Western Europe.

Its closure is more proof of Greece's tougher stance on illegal immigration.

The camp had been a source of tension with many Greeks who regarded it as a major eyesore for themselves and for tourists arriving from Italy.

About 100 riot police escorted bulldozers into the camp before dawn.

They levelled scores of cardboard and plastic hovels.

Only a makeshift mosque and a tent used by volunteer doctors were left untouched.

The camp in Patras had been in existence in some form or another for 13 years.

A few months ago, it accommodated about 1,800 people, mainly from Afghanistan.

But that number had dwindled to about 100 following large-scale arrests and also because the port authorities had made it nearly impossible to get on board ferries to Italy.

The early morning operation was described by Red Cross officials in Patras as "terrorising" the migrants.

One worker said it was designed to send a message to all illegal immigrants that they had no future in Greece.

The conservative government in Athens has started taking tougher measures against the so-called "clandestines" in recent weeks, especially since the success of the right-wing nationalist Laos party in the European parliamentary election.

A new law has been passed which makes deportation easier.

Greece has been criticised internationally for its handling of would-be asylum seekers.

But recently the EU Justice Commissioner, Jacques Barrot, acknowledged that the "uncontrollable flow of immigration" posed a major threat to the equilibrium of Greek democracy.

The clampdown in Patras will push some migrants into the hands of traffickers in Athens and Italy who are demanding up to $8,000 (£4,940) for passage out of Greece.

Others have given up trying to catch a boat to Western Europe and have headed for Greece's land borders with Bulgaria and the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia.

Don't you just love the BBC's unbiased, completely objective coverage?

This is good news for Greeks, but the reality is that unless the European Union nations get equally tough or abandon the concept of free movement between internal borders, the problem will only end up somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

It is good for us that we dont share a border with Greece, or NuLabour would let these illegals in, give them British passports, so that they can get their vote.

It is my view, oft stated, that the millions of people let in by NuLabour, is in fact, vast gerrymandering. Never has such gerrymandering taken place, with criminal aliens, and in the case of Muslims, hostile aliens, allowed in, just so NuLabour can get their vote. Nulabour care not, that in the next few decades, Britain will be confronted by a proto-Islamic state, and that to preevent it, a civil war will be required.

Anonymous said...

The Islamisation of Britain continues, with Infidel taxpayers money ofcourse.

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Anonymous said...

All those far-left movements in Greece are funded by George Soros in order to promote anti racism propaganda and manage to totally destroy European identities. I am a fed up Greek, and I believe we have to inform the rest of Europeans about what is going on in our country: Almost 300 illegal immigrants tresspass our borders with Turkey every day. Turkish-Israeli mafia promote them, greek authorities are also involved in the whole case. The Greek Prime minister G. A. Papandreou ("mind the G.A.P") recently introduced a new law that gives Greek ethnicity (!) - yes, that's right, "ethnicity" instead of "nationality", to every illegal immigrant that stays in the country for 5 years, and to every new born child. As a result, pregnant women started arriving from Pakistan, Afganistan and God knows where else they come from, in order to give birth to their new Greek children inside the country!!!
Can you believe that?????? OUR COUNTRY IS IN DANGER, AND SO IS THE REST OF EUROPE. EU demographics are changing rapidly, we have to stop that before it's too late
Please let everybody know what is going on. Thank you!