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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Joys of Diversity & Cultural Enrichment (XX)

A special edition which will focus solely on what cultural enrichment is bringing to Germany. The translations are not all mine, but where the term 'southerner' is used in the German press it generally refers to Turks, Kurds, Arabs or Berbers.

  • A woman was shot in Berlin on Saturday because she refused a lift with three strange men of 'southern' appearance. From Gates of Vienna:
A gunshot wound because she said “No”

A woman didn’t want to enter the car with strange men, and then the passenger pulled out a gun and fired.

Crime scene Hardenbergplatz, Charlottenburg: On Saturday night at 3:40am, Daniela R. (20, name changed) and two lady friends from Wilmersdorf wanted to go home. It had been a long evening. Quickly eating a kebab and then heading for the bus.

Suddenly a silver metallic BMW was in front of her. “There were three southerners between 23 and 25 inside,” said the petite blonde. The passenger asked: “Can I take you?” Daniela declined. “You will regret that.” Then the girls looked into a gun barrel.
Frightened, they jumped back. Daniela couldn’t get away in time. The first shot hit her in the right leg. “It was a dull pain,” said the retail clerk. Fortunately it was only a grazing shot. The second shot hit the glass behind her. The box containing the city map fell on her back. Daniela R. collapsed to the ground and landed in the glass splinters.

The BMW drove away with squealing tires. Her friends and other bus passengers ran to her help. Daniela R.’s whole body was shaking and her hands and legs were covered with blood. After almost an hour in the ambulance the three ladies could go home.

  • A 23 year old man was stabbed outside Hamburg Hauptbahnhof on Tuesday after a 'dispute' with men of 'southern' appearance. He later died of internal injuries.
The newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt later dropped the description of the suspects, then reinstated them with the addition of the term 'probably'.

Such disputes are usually started after the victim accidentally bumps into the perpetrator, so even that usage is overblown.

What we basically have here is an innocent man stabbed to death for accidentally infringing a psychopath's sense of his own self worth - and the authorities want as few people to realise it as possible.

  • A Kurdish man is on trial for the attempted murder of his German ex-girlfriend in Cologne. The pair met on an internet chat room in 2005.
The woman soon began visiting him, even though he was already married and had three children. The relationship was against the wishes of the woman's parents - she was 29 and Davut Y was 43.

Even though the relationship broke down after a year and a half, Davut wanted the woman to speak for him at his asylum tribunal, which would decide whether or not he could stay in Germany.

When she refused and he found out she had a new boyfriend courtesy of an email sent by her mother, he took it that his honour had been slighted, and broke into her parents house and attempted to kill her with a 30cm knife.

The only reason she survived is that her father intervened. They were both left with severe cuts to the waist, shoulder and thigh.

  • Earlier this month the German town of Solingen witnessed a mass brawl between Syrian and Lebanese families due to 'a culturally enriched version of Romeo and Juliet'.
The dispute started because a 16 year old girl from one family was seeing a 22 year old man from the other.

The police were called, and broke into the man's flat, where a fight broke out involving men, women and children.

It then spilled on to the street where passersby got involved, and at one point up to 150 people were fighting.

80 policemen were needed to contain the violence, which saw two people hospitalised - and only seven arrested.
Hat tip: Gates of Vienna & Politically Incorrect.


DP111 said...

Coincidentally, Gates of Vienna is also running a continuous "Cultural Enrichment" feature. This is mainly Islamic cultural enrichment - joys that we havnt flavoured yet- stoning, honour killings, FGM, cartoon Jihad etc


The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Hello DP111,

I saw their one, and with the amount of foreign contributors they have it's a fine idea.

Mine started off as a more 'comparative' version in which I used little news snippets I'd seen myself in English-language foreign press, but lately I've been putting Google to good use.

I might appeal for some correspondents to submit their translations themselves now; I don't think too many people can know how bad things are in parts of Europe.

DP111 said...
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DP111 said...

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer

I shall post any snippets at your site if they are of interest in the UK or Europe.

Jihad Watch is a good one to watch. They had a series on the work of Father Botross. Fascinating character. had to leave his native Egypt cause his evnagelical mission was creating unbearable tension in the Great rift valley.

From JW. Terrifying the amount of persecution of Christians in Muslim countries. This ranges from harrassment to rape and murder, public as well official. It is the amount that is happening, that is shocking. Today comes the news that nearly a 100 homes and churches have been burnt in just one town in Pakistan. One hundred - coordinated by the mosques. There is no sense in anyone denying that this was done in violation of the koran or whatever, or that the imams do not understand the koran.

Sooner or later all this will come to Britain. I know personally that Anglican churches have been attacked in Bradford.
While we are fighting the Taleban in Afghanistan, our government has allowed in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of the Taleban, into Britain.