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Thursday, 9 July 2009

An Interesting Perspective on Immigration

Often, those of us who are against mass immigration from the Third World, multiculturalism and unprecedented demographic change are simply dismissed out of hand as racists - it saves actually responding to logical, rational points we make by simply putting us beyond the realms of civilised discourse.

Therefore it is always interesting to hear from those who can't be so easily dismissed on this subject; the descendants of non-white immigrants to Britain.

Here is an interesting article from Kent News, written by a man who came here from India decades ago - to actually live in Britain and contribute, rather than recreate his homeland here.

A reader gave us his views on immigration and the benefits system.

Is it just me or are other people worried about the problems caused by membership of this wretched European Economic Community?

I recently accompanied my son to the local Jobcentre as, despite having a degree, he is unable to find a job. Whilst waiting the half an hour past our appointment time, I happened to read through some literature that had not yet been defaced and which was lying around on a nearby, cracked table.

In it, I noticed that further copies of that leaflet, which was information on how to claim benefits, were available in 26 other languages and, if you did not speak one of those, translations were available in whatever language you could speak!

In other words, immigrants who are not even able to speak English have the Department of Work and Pensions bending over backwards to help them claim unemployment benefits you, I and other taxpayers fund?

“But there aren’t that many non-English speaking unemployed anyway” you might say? You are probably right. Most of them seem to be employed in front-line “customer-service” positions by councils, banks and other institutions in what, I am convinced, is an attempt to make it as difficult as possible for us to complain about anything!

I read the newspapers and note with interest the application of the Racial Equality Laws in this country. I smile when I hear about incidents which the Police would normally just note but do nothing about, suddenly being taken extremely seriously if one of the involved plays the race card.

I wonder at the bleatings of the local immigrant associations who claim their members are singled out for abuse. How can they be so surprised? Their members choose to live in little groups, to wear different clothes, follow different religions, eat different foods and can’t even speak the language? They may dress all in black and cover all their faces except their eyes, by-pass our laws on the wearing of crash helmets and set themselves up as apart from everyone else living in this country, and then they complain they are treated differently? Whose fault is that?

What finally prompted me to write this rant has been the proliferation of “UK Border Patrol” programmes on TV. On these shows, even on those rare occasions when officialdom catch would be illegals trying to get into this country or those who are already here illegally (and often working, taking the job which my son so desperately needs!), they simply make a note of their details and let them go on bail? I for one would love to know how many known illegals have been caught, arrested, released and are currently at large again in the UK?

And if you think me a racist thug for my views and blame me and “others” like me for the recent successes of the BNP, you should know that I am black - that is black, not “ethnically challenged” or of a “coloured persuasion” or any other of that politically correct rubbish! I was born in India, emigrated legally to the UK many years ago, and consider myself British, as reflected in my speech, my integration with the local British community, my willingness to obey English Laws and, in all ways, to act British, not set myself apart!


Dr.D said...

Over at the Kent News, there was one comment to the effect that the commenter did not believe this poster was in fact a black from India. He accused him of being a bitter white who should go join the BNP.

This seems to reflect a mindset that says, "If what you say about yourself disagrees with my preconceptions of reality, you must be lying." Only a dyed-in-the-wool liberal could hold such a point of view.

KG said...

Buy that man a beer!