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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Dutchman Killed in Indonesia

From The Jakarta Post:
A Dutch citizen identified as Pleizier, 26, was killed by a local man on Friday at 10 p.m. in Nunukan, East Kalimantan.

Nunukan Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Purwo Cahyoko said Pleizier, who was stabbed 12 times, died after he was rushed to the Nunukan Hospital.

"We have arrested the killer, Basri bin Ismail, one hour after the incident," he said.

Pleizier was in Nunukan after completing his trip in Tawau, Malaysia. He planned to go to Sebuku island, South Kalimantan.

In Nunukan, he walked around in a local market where he met Basri who asked him for some money to buy cigarettes.

When Pleizier refused his request, Basri got upset and hit Pleizier. The fight was then inevitable.

Basri later took out his knife and stabbed Pleizer 12 times.
I believe at this stage there have been no riots and mass protests throughout the Netherlands and Christendom at this appalling murder and the lack of condemnation from the Indonesian government, but it is surely only a matter of time.

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Nemesis said...

My Dear Earl, you are completely safe with your assumption that no protests have taken place anywhere.