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Monday, 13 July 2009

The Double Standards of Muslim Males

An Egyptian Muslim who had his estranged British wife thrown into prison in Dubai for adultery and took custody of their two children has been photographed living it up with a mystery woman in Florida.

From the Mail on Sunday:

They look like any normal family coming back from the supermarket with their groceries.

But these happy photographs in a Florida suburb are the latest twist in the bitter row over the imprisonment for adultery of British florist Marnie Pearce in Dubai.

The man in the pictures is her ex-husband, Ihab El-Labban, 41. The woman is Tonya Thompson, a 47-year-old former American actress with whom Marnie claims he is conducting a secret affair.

Marnie claims Ihab framed her for adultery to win a divorce. He was then awarded custody of their two sons, Ziad, five, and Laith, eight.

And, as our pictures reveal, Ihab has now flown with the two boys to Tonya’s home in Orlando.

Last night, Tonya insisted that her ‘close’ friendship with Ihab is platonic. ‘Marnie is a big fabricator,’ said Tonya. ‘I am not living with Ihab. I have never had sex with him. I invited him and the kids here for a two-week holiday. This is a four-bedroomed house and we sleep in separate rooms. We are close friends, but it is too soon for him to commit to another woman.'

Tonya added: ‘Neither Ihab nor I would live together before marriage because I am a committed Christian and he is a committed Muslim.

‘He didn’t frame Marnie. I know she committed adultery because I have read her diary and I have seen emails between her and Brian Clark [the Briton named as her lover in the Dubai case].

‘Ihab was living apart from her but he had provided her with a house and a car and a maid and he was supporting her and the children.

‘She must have known she could get jail time for adultery and possibly lose her children, and that doesn’t say much about her priorities.’

Campaigners, led by Amnesty International, demanded Marnie’s freedom and criticised Ihab, a Dubai-based executive for Proctor & Gamble.

Marnie, 40, said their marriage broke up after she discovered a love letter Tonya had written to him. And she claimed that for years she had lived in fear. He battered her over the head and beat her during both her pregnancies, she said.

Tonya denied these accusations and insisted: ‘Marnie was verbally abusive to him. I’ve heard her on the phone. The so-called love letter wasn’t from me. If she and Brian were innocent, why didn’t he submit samples of his DNA? Hers was on the condoms.’

Tonya, who owns a Florida entertainment company, met Ihab during a 2007 business trip to Dubai.

‘We talked about how he was going through a divorce and how I had been divorced and he told me the cool places to go to in Dubai,’ she said.

Marnie has told The Mail on Sunday that Ihab has not allowed her to see the boys.

But Tonya contends she refused an offer of supervised visitation. She said: ‘The boys seem very comfortable with me, very loving, but I do think they could use a mum.’

Asked about the future with Ihab, she said: ‘Our friendship is progressing very, very gradually.’


DP111 said...

Though that I would like to sympathise, I frankly have no sympathy for a woman who did not take the time to learn about her position as wife to a Muslim man, in a Muslim country.

human about said...

same story happenned in my country, indonesia. pathetic hijabi housewifes committed adultery with young guys. it's real !.i added you in my link list, please add me in your link list too. thanx

Daniel A. said...

This is not the first hideous and crass terror that Tonya Thompson (the mistress) has induced into family life. My father Kyle married her only to have her manipulate him into using his income for bills while hers was saved. Not to mention her visceral treatment of his children, myself included. My brother and sister dealt with constant selfish power struggles where she battled for my fathers attention before theirs, and eventually were given the boot from her home as a result of his refusal to accept this.

She uses cliche simple minded techniques to win her male relationships, personally and professionally, and should not be trusted. She was once prosecuted by the state of Florida for leaving awful messages on my mothers (Kyle's ex wife Susan) voice mail that included ferocious attacks such as "Your children would be better off if you killed yourself", during custody battles between my mother and father.

Seeing this article about her relationship with this man is no surprise to us.