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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Canada 'Can't Deport' Convicted Sex Offender

Canadian immigration officials are tying themselves up in red tape because a convicted drug dealer and sex offender from Iran might not get a very pleasant reception if he is deported.

So, they let him go free with some parole conditions instead:

A convicted sex offender and drug dealer who was supposed to be deported from Canada after leaving Manitoba's Stony Mountain Penitentiary this week is free on bail and remains in the country.

Farid Noedost, 33, is an Iranian refugee convicted two years ago of drug trafficking and sex offences involving minors. His convictions should have meant his immediate deportation once he was released on parole but on Thursday, Noedost went before an Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada hearing in an effort to prevent being sent away.

He told the board he would face execution if he was sent back to Iran. Immigration officials agreed, ruling the danger Noedost faced in being sent back outweighed the risks he poses to the Canadian public.

Michael McPhelan of the Immigration and Refugee Board, who ordered Noedost's release with strict conditions, called the man's conduct while in Canada 'despicable' and said he was a "danger to girls under 18."

McPhelan also said he was not convinced Noedost would not reoffend, but said there were no grounds to keep him locked up. Noedost has served his sentence.

Canadian immigration law states that a Geneva Convention refugee can't be deported unless the federal public safety minister declares him to be a dangerous offender.

Noedost came to Canada years ago and was given asylum as a Geneva Convention refugee. He was granted permanent resident status in 2001.

His lawyer told the immigration board that Noedost was granted the status because of the persecution he suffered in Iran.

Canada Border Services has asked for Noedost to be designated as a dangerous offender but no hearing has been scheduled yet.

While on parole, Noedost is prohibited from being around female minors and is required to meet weekly with a parole officer and monthly with immigration officials.

At least they're honest about it - this man's safety matters far more than that of the Canadian public.

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Dr.D said...

That really ought to be his concern only, and not the concern of Canada. Let him be returned and hung. It is a good reason for people who come seeking refuge to not abuse the hospitality of the country that gives them refuge. Put him on the plane for Tehran and let them hang him!