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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

£90,000 Benefits for Mother Living Abroad

From The Independent:

A man today admitted a complex benefits scam in which he claimed more than £90,000 in his mother's name.

Mohammed Abdur Rashid, 52, of Uplands, Swansea, South Wales, claimed an array of benefits for his mother despite the fact she was living abroad long-term.

Rashid's mother, Mrs Tasbir Begun Latif, was living with relatives in India for periods of up to 11 months.

Rashid admitted five specimen charges linked to the benefit fraud when he appeared at Swansea Crown Court.

An interpreter translated the details of the complex indictment into Bengali as it was put to him.

Rashid also asked the court to take an unspecified number of other similar offences into account.

Carl Harrison, prosecuting for the Department of Work and Pensions, said the total amount fraudulently claimed was £92,847 over a period of six years from February 2001.

The range of benefits claimed included everything from pension credit payments to housing and council tax benefits to a carer's allowance and a disability living allowance.

Rashid's mother was absent from the UK from February 2001 until the start of December of the same year during one claims period.

The case against him was adjourned today until 14 August to allow the completion of pre-sentence reports.

Rashid, whose UK passport has previously been seized by officers from the Department of Work and Pensions, was released on conditional bail.


Dr.D said...

Earl, if I send you my mailing address, could you arrange for similar payments to me here in the US, please? This sounds like a really fine deal!

I've never been to the UK. Is that a prerequisite?

DP111 said...

Dr D

It isnt a prerequisite. In fact there are a few reqisites but I'm sure you can take care of thgem

1. Change your name to some thing like muhammed

2. Grow a beard

3. Pretend not to speak English

4. Claim persecuition by British authorities.

That shoud get you hear temporarily, so that lawyers can seek compensation.

Dr.D said...


I've got the beard, and according to anonymous on one of the other threads, I don't understand English.

Having no contact with the British authorities, the last one will be difficult.

The first one simply is not going to happen, ever.

But, please understand, I don't want to immigrate, I just want the financial benefit sent to my American mailing address. Is that too much to ask?

After all, my family is originally English. We left about 350 years ago, in round numbers.

DP111 said...

Dr D

If so, then you have gun owning rights.

We need you.

Dr.D said...


Well, yes, of course. Don't free men everywhere have the right to own guns?