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Friday, 10 July 2009

5 Charged over Gang Rape in Norway

A very disturbing story via Gates of Vienna:

Five adolescent boys charged with gang-rape of a young girl

The police in Romerike confirm that they are investigating a severe gang-rape that was reported to have happened on June 28th.

The police were called on the evening of June 28th, and apprehended five young boys. They are charged with the rape of a young girl, as stated to Dagbladet by the acting crime-chief in the Romerike police precinct, Bjørn Arne Tronier.

In consideration for the victim, the crime-chief asks that Dagbladet not disclose where in Romerike in Akerhus [a southeastern Norwegian county, adjacent to our capital, Oslo] the rape took place.

“These are very young people, and we need to protect the victim,” states Tronier.

He confirms that all of the involved are below the age of legal responsibility [in Norway, that is, they are all under the age of 15].

“All of the boys have been questioned after being apprehended, but due to their young age, they are not imprisoned.” Tronier also says that the gang-rape took place indoors in a private residence.

The police are allocating extensive resources to solve the circumstances of the crime.
“The crime is under significant investigation. If I were to characterize it, I’d say it is a very ugly incident,” states Tronier.

Runa Kosberg is the legal representative for the young girl.

“I can confirm that I am the appointed legal counsel for the victim in this proceeding.”

She will not give any further comments.

“Out of consideration of the fact that all involved are very young.”

According to the police, all five boys are of foreign origin. Child Care have been notified for all five young boys.

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DP111 said...

More from the Religion that promises peace to "people of the Book".

Somali Islamist hardliners behead 7 ‘Christians’

Victims executed for being ‘Christian followers’ and ‘spies’

Somalia’s hard-line Islamist rebels beheaded seven people on Friday for being “Christians” and “spies” in the latest implementation of strict Sharia law by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab movement, witnesses said.


And from the GoV

Notice that “strict sharia” is being applied here. That is, a literal and fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic scripture mandates the beheading of Christians.

A Christian fundamentalist believes the world was created in seven days and that Moses parted the Red Sea. He insists that his children study the Bible as part of their education. He may well consider dancing, alcohol consumption, and pre-marital sex to be sinful.

A Muslim fundamentalist beheads Christians.

Christian fundamentalists, Muslim fundamentalist

The persecution of Christians in Muslim countries is now fiercer then ever. Christians in Iraq, the original population of that country, aare soon to be extinct. A similar fate is lies for Coptoc Christians in Egypt.

Meanwhile, those Muslims in Britain who have left Islam and become Christians, are facing the normal sentence for leaving islam - death. They live in abiding fear.