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Friday, 5 June 2009

Muslim Gang Grooms Teenage Girl

An extremely disturbing case from the North of England; six Muslim men face up to 31 charges for preying on a vulnerable girl in her early teens:

Six men are on trial accused of sexual offences in Keighley and Skipton, including the “grooming” and rape of a young teenage girl.

The victim, who is now in her late teens, cannot be named for legal reasons.

A catalogue of sexual offences are alleged to have been committed against her between April 2005 and April 2007.

The defendants, who face a total of 31 charges – including rape – are Keighley men Mohammed Zackriya, 21, of Springfield Road, Abid Ali, 27, of Cark Road, Shahid Iqbal, 25, of Nightingale Street, Raj Mohammed Shabir, 32, referred to in court as Shabir Junior, of Neville Street, Mohammed Shabir, 36, referred to as Shabir Senior, of Hawk Street, and Mohammed Taj, 37, of Aireview Terrace, Skipton, The court heard many of the alleged incidents took place at Caesars Pizza takeaway shop in Newmarket Street, Skipton, which is owned by Shabir Senior.

Taj, Iqbal and Shabir Junior all worked there at the time of the offences.

Zackriya and Ali, who are cousins, both worked for Skipton and Craven Taxis, which has an office in Sackville Street, Skipton, where some of the offences are said to have been committed.

Some of the offences are alleged to have happened at a house in Parkwood Street, Keighley.

All but one of the 31 counts against the men relate to the same girl.

Mohammed Shabir Senior is also charged with the sexual assault of another woman, at the rear of Caesars, on August 3, 2007.

Opening the case for the prosecution at Bradford Crown Court yesterday, Jonathan Carroll said of the teenage girl: “She was identified by the defendants as a vulnerable girl.

“She was offered inducements including cigarettes, alcohol, food and attention.

“A number of defendants told her that they loved her and gave her the attention she craved.

“These actions were all part of the process of grooming her for their sexual gratification.

“She has had full sexual intercourse and/ or oral sex with each defendant on more than one occasion at many locations.”

He told the jury that most of the time the sexual activity was consensual, but on occasions she was raped by Zackriya, Shabir Senior, Ali and Iqbal.

Yet still, even if these predators are found guilty they will be back walking amongst us in a few years, ready to try it on with someone else's daughter or sister.

There are thousands more such men, just waiting for their opportunity to come here and live at our expense whilst they treat us like toys there for amusement.

We truly live in a country which has lost its way.


Edwin Greenwood said...

Things don't change do they? When I was at University 40-odd years ago, I knew a young lady who hailed from Keighley. One of her repeated complaints about the place was persistent and aggressive sexual harassment by the local "Pakis".

The young men who bothered her then would now be the fathers, or more likely grandfathers, of the men described here. Obviously their technique has improved over the generations, but their attitude hasn't.

Perhaps we are taking the wrong approach here. This is clearly a prized element of their culture which we should respect and encourage. Surely our girl children should be taught to celebrate and accept this ongoing contribution to our vibrant diversity.

Durotrigan said...

Edwin, it is disturbing to read that this sort of thing has characterised life in Keighley for over 40 years.

As you are no doubt aware, this sort of dreadful occurrence would appear to be nothing more than an unremarkable quotidian matter for a section of the male Pakistani colony in Keighley. White girls, particularly underage ones it would seem, are seen as "fair game" by them. When Nick Griffin stood in Keighley during the 2005 General Election, Anne Cryer's constituency Labour Party tried to hush up what Griffin rather unsubtly termed the "Asian rapewave" which had been afflicting the town, claiming it was all BNP 'far-right' propaganda. Of course, so I discovered, it was nothing of the sort, and the local Labour Party were simply trying to cover this up so as not to alienate their Pakistani and Sylheti block vote in the town. The BNP were in this instance telling the truth, which is why Griffin was twice acquitted of politically motivated 'race-hate' trials in Leeds the following year.

It sickened me that the local Labour Party was attempting to hide this matter from public view for its mere convenience and for the sake of so-called "community cohesion". This was my moment of epiphany during which all the doubts that I had long held regarding multiculturalism in the UK were validated. I hope that the poor girl who has been the victim of this repellent crime, this "Ayesha", is strong enough to put this dreadful experience behind her. Let's hope that these men are served hefty sentences (although I wouldn't bank on it).

Well, if people will make a murdering paedophile by the name of Mo into an unassailable icon, the paragon of men, should we really expect his followers to behave in any other manner?

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


It's disturbing, although not overly surprising, to learn that such things have been going on for so long.

It also goes some way towards demonstrating why contempt for and abuse of women is systematic in this particular 'community'.

It's high time more people realised that we have some hard-working immigrants and some hostile colonists living amongst us. This should be what charactises the immigration debate - which groups, statistically, work and which don't.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Very interesting info.

In the media Cryer was hailed as a paragon of virtue, recognising and trying to tackle these problems.

It's interesting to say the least to know that was only after she tried to cover them up and prosecute anyone who refused to do so.