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Friday, 5 June 2009

The Joys of Diversity & Cultural Enrichment (XIV)

More misery caused by the treasonous nature of Western elites in the U.S., Britain and the Netherlands.

1) United States

A twenty year old female student at Ohio State University was stabbed in the stomach whilst waiting for a bus on Tuesday.

Wael W. Kalash, 34, was walking up and down the street exhibiting 'bizarre behaviour' before he stabbed the young woman in what was described as a 'completely random act'.

It later emerged that Kalash had a string of convictions for violence - and police found him hiding in a mosque:

Witnesses said that Kalash, a resident of Stinchcomb Drive, walked up to the student and stabbed her once in the abdomen with a knife. The student described the weapon as a kitchen-type knife bigger than a steak knife but smaller than a bread knife.

While an ambulance took the student to Riverside Hospital to undergo surgery, officers saturated the area looking for the assailant. They soon found Kalash inside a nearby mosque at 535 Riverview Dr., where witnesses positively identified him as the assaulter. Kalash was arrested for felonious assault and is being held at Franklin County Jail on $750,000 bond.

Neighbors of Kalash said he has a history of "strange behavior," and Fulton said he may be mentally ill.

"He didn't make a lot of sense when we tried to talk to him," Fulton said. "He exhibited a lot of signs of some mental instability or some mental issues."

Fulton said Kalash also has a history of violent offenses.

Police executed a search warrant in Kalash's home and recovered two knives and the clothes they believe he was wearing during the stabbing. Lab tests have yet to confirm the weapon used in the stabbing.

2) Britain

Yesterday a WPC, unarmed as is the norm in Britain, was called to reports that three men were acting suspiciously outside a house in Oldham.

As she arrived on the scene, she was confronted by two masked men. As she grappled with one, the second pointed a gun at her and asked her 'if she wanted to get shot'.

The men escaped, and minutes later they tried to hijack a car with two accomplices.

The suspects sought are described as 'Asian'.

Also in Britain, yesterday a Turkish man was jailed for ten years for a series of rapes and sexual assaults on prostitutes in Glasgow.

Huseyin Cobanoglu, 57, was convicted of two counts of rape and three of sexual assault:

One of Cobanoglu’s rape victims earlier told the court: “I said to him ‘No’ and he said ‘Don’t be silly’. I was scared and crying.”

All of his victims told how the callous beast ignored their pleas to stop.

One of them said: “We might be working girls but we don’t deserve to be treated like that.”

Dad-of-three Cobanoglu, who paid hookers for sex, claimed the girls — all in their 20s — were lying.

But he was found guilty of the attacks — between January 2004 and August 2005 — at Glasgow’s Turkish Community Cafe.

Prosecutor Kevin McCallum said the rapist was allowed special leave to enter the country in 1988.

Mr McCallum added: “I can’t provide reasons to explain why he was allowed to enter.

“But I can reveal he applied to become a British citizen and was refused on the grounds of his character."

But still allowed to stay here, have three kids which are brought up by the taxpayer, and attack young women. Any other treatment may well have breached his human rights!

3) Netherlands

Slight change of pace with this one. One of the new Dutch MEPs elected yesterday is the CDA's Rena Netjes.

Yesterday I wrote briefly about an interview she gave to a radical Islamic website based in the Hague.

She said that Islam is peaceful religion, one that respects women's rights, and she also claimed that she could never have met a man as 'respectable' as her Egyptian Muslim husband in the Netherlands.

She claimed that she would be a better representative for the Muslim community in Holland than an actual Muslim:

Q: Finally: We've heard many promises. Why should Muslims trust that you will keep them?

A: People just need to google my name and they could see everything that I've done in the past. I also appear on TV programs in the Middle East. From both sides I try to cultivate understanding. It is also easier for me to stand up for Muslims than somebody with a Muslim background. For such a person, people could think that he has another agenda. Additional, I also understand the ideas of the ethnic Dutch, therefore I can also 'deal' with them. I understand both opinions well and I have both worlds united in me.

Some more of her opinions have come to light:

A Christian democratic (CDA) candidate for the European Parliament believes that living in Muslim countries is more pleasant than in the Netherlands. More respect reigns there and because men and women do not shake hands, this prevents the spread of diseases, she said in an interview with a controversial Islamic website.

Netjes finds it "more pleasant than in the Netherlands" in Muslim countries, De Telegraaf reported. She likes Lebanon and Egypt best. "I am there every month." She finds it normal that most men and women do not shake hands there, but also hygienic. "Most diseases are transmitted because we shake hands with each other."

Netjes also suggests that the West has called down terrorist attacks by Muslims on itself. "If these people (Muslims) wanted to attack our way of life or our democracy, why have they then not made attacks in Tokyo, Shanghai or Oslo. Why actually in the United States, Spain and Great Britain, three countries that had meddled in the Middle East?"

Al-yaqeen.com is the Internet page of Sheik Fawaz Jneid, the Imam of the As Soennah mosque in The Hague. This Syrian pronounced a curse on Islam critic Theo van Gogh a few weeks before he was brutally murdered by an Amsterdam-born Muslim.

With traitors like this about, I'm sure more Dutch than ever are thanking God for Geert Wilders.

You'll notice that despite her love for the Muslim world and its quirky ways, Ms Netjes didn't try to hold elected office there.

Was that because it's easier to infiltrate and destroy the West and its confidence from the European Parliament, or because the gloriously tolerant and benevolent leaders and masses in the Muslim world would rather gang rape an infidel woman and set her on fire than have her represent them, or even live on equal terms?

Just asking.

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