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Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Brief Word on the European Elections

Today voters in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands will be able to make their choice in the European elections - the other countries in the EU vote later in the week.

This will determine, via a system of proportional representation, just who represents us in the European Parliament.

It is not my job to tell people who to vote for; but I will say this to my British readers.

If you are of a conservative mindset, do not vote for the Conservative Party, or 'David Cameron's Conservatives' as it has been re-branded in some parts.

Whilst this man leads the party, it is lost to genuinely conservative people who care about their country.

All this man cares about is appeasing the neo-liberal elite and proving that conservatism has evolved to the point where it is not actually conservative any more. He doesn't care about this country or his party's instinctive voters.

When his leaflet came through my door, it insisted that Britain needed the right people in Europe, looking out for the interests of this country on matters such as immigration, the economic crisis and shaping European policy to suit Britain's needs.

I agree with him - it does need the right people. Those people are not in the Conservative Party.

Remember that well in excess of 50% of our laws are now dictated from Brussels. Remember that these elections are in many ways a referendum on issues such as Turkey joining the EU or getting a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. This is the only chance we have to make our feelings on such issues known.

Vote accordingly. The Tories have been marginalising the 'eurosceptics' and the genuine Right-wingers in their party for years - whilst still using their grassroots support to win elections.

Please be aware of this.

In other news, the Dutch media have launched a final assault against Geert Wilders before polls open tomorrow:

In an article in the Dutch newspaper Trouw today, the leftist journalist Rinke van den Brink, a self-declared expert of the “far-right” and the author of a number of biased books, such as the “Internationale de la haine“ (The International of Hatred), writes about “Wilders’ European family.” Mr. van den Brink talked to Filip Dewinter (VB), Mogens Camre and Morten Messerschmidt (DF), Mario Borghezio (LN), Andreas Mölzer (FPÖ), and Gerard Batten (UKIP). Mr. Batten says he personally favours cooperation with Mr. Wilders but is not sure whether his party leadership is keen to address the issues (read: the fight against Islamisation) which have made the PVV so successful.

Mr. van den Brink’s article is part of a concerted project. Tonight, Dutch television broadcasts a documentary with the same title, in the hope of persuading the Dutch voters to abstain from voting for Mr. Wilders tomorrow. Part of the documentary is an interview with the Dutch academic André Krouwel who warns that Mr. Wilders is an extremist. Mr. Krouwel says Mr. Wilders is dangerous because he, and the other parties who would like to team up with him, emphasize the importance of national sovereignty over European cooperation. “Giving a central role to the national states will lead to many serious problems: to economic decline and to tensions between the states. It endangers prosperity and peace in Europe,” he says.

All the usual slurs are there- 'far-right', 'crackpot', 'extremist'.

Don't be fooled. What really endangers peace and prosperity in Europe is Islamisation and unchecked Third World immigration.

I find countless examples of such madness every single day. Too many examples.

We're further down the road to Hell than many realise.

There are only a few brave men willing to stand up and be counted, to tell us the truth; Wilders risks his life every single day for his principles, to help the country, the civilisation and the values he holds so dear.

I wish Mr Wilders and every candidate who genuinely loves Great Britain and the Kingdom of the Netherlands the very best of luck; we all need it.


Nemesis said...

Those of us from around the globe and who count themselves as being political aware, are also watching.

My wife and I visited your very lovely land last year, had a wonderful time and met some great people. Apart from all the 'strangers' that we saw in London, the most disturing aspect of our visit, to my mind at least, was seeing blue flag with all those yellow stars on display as if it was the new national emblem.

Get rid of it!

Dr.D said...

There is no question but that this is a very important election. Geert Wilders and others like him must carry the day. The very idea that nationalism is dangerous shows how perverted European thinking has become. Europe is a continent of many nations; it is not a single nation, and to sweep it up into a "one size fits all" conglomerate is a horrible mistake. What does the Spanish shepherd have in common with the Laplander? What does the Greek fisherman have in common with the Irish monk? They all have one thing in common: they are all about to be destroyed by the muzlim invasion sponsored and abetted by the EU. That is all.