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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Update on Belgian Prison Break (II)

Last time I posted an update on this story, it was to reveal that a Belgian convert to Islam (and the girlfriend of one of the Muslim criminals) had played a key role in the escape of three of Belgium's most wanted criminals from prison by helicopter.

This occurred despite the fact that after converting to Islam she had regaled the Belgian media with details of her decision - and how she'd done it because Islam is a religion of love and peace.

It now turns out that she may have paid the ultimate price for her abject stupidity - Belgian police fear that her boyfriend and his criminal cohorts have killed her to prevent her being caught and talking.

Islam in Europe:
The Belgian police thinks that the woman who helped free three criminals from the Bruges prison two weeks ago might not be alive anymore. They fear that the threesome got rid of the 23 year old Lesley Deckers, anonymous police sources told Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws Friday.

Two of the three escaped criminals have been arrested, including Lesley Decker's boyfriend. The third is still on the run, but the police got a lot of tips about him. On Lesley they haven't received even one tip.

The three escaped the Bruges prison using a helicopter rented by the woman. They spent some time in a hotel in Amsterdam, from which they went to commit bank robberies in Belgium. On of the three was arrested in Brussels on Monday, the second was arrested in Morocco on Thursday.

Source: AD (Dutch)
Religion of peace indeed.

Update 11th August:

She's alive and has been caught.

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