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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Muslim Thugs Attack Anti-Islamisation Demonstrators & Burn Union Flag

I find the situation I am about to describe disturbing for many reasons. Most people who read this blog regularly are fully aware that the media are a disingenuous bunch - but some of the bare-faced lies told to the masses about the following events are nothing short of chilling.

On Saturday, a group of British patriots calling themselves the English and Welsh Defence League and Casuals United gathered in Birmingham to protest against creeping Islamisation in Britain.

They made clear that they were there for a peaceful protest, but would defend themselves if attacked.

They also made very clear that they were in no way affiliated with the British National Party.

None of this stopped the BBC going into overdrive about 'Right-wing' protests, however - nor did it stop Unite Against Fascism and other hardcore Leftists going to the protest and looking for trouble.

What is most disturbing, however, is just how Leftist, Islamist and extreme elements of immigrant and ethnic minority groups seem to have come together.

The results are as follows - bear in mind, the protest consisted for the most part of some patriots waving Union Flags and singing God Save the Queen:
Police arrested 33 people during a clash between anti-fascists and a right-wing group as the centre of Birmingham turned into a war zone yesterday.

Terrified shoppers cowered in fear as a group came into violent contact with Unite Against Fascism marchers in a violent brawl that dominated the streets.

The so-called English and Welsh Defence League and Casuals United formed after British soldiers were abused by Islamic radicals at a homecoming parade in Luton earlier this year.

But Unite Against Fascism claim that the Casuals are made up of members of far-right groups and had planned to cause racial unrest in the city.

Two people were injured, according to West Midlands Police, and there were several reports of criminal damage including a car.

You see, it wasn't just a case of BNP supporters and their Left-wing counterparts clashing.

As the eye-witness stated, the patriots were attacked by black and Asian people, largely young men, hiding behind the banner of 'we hate the BNP'.

Why is it a crime to sing Britain's national anthem and wave Britain's flag in a British city?

Surely all the integrated minorities and good immigrants we constantly hear about should have joined in by expressing pride for their chosen homeland?

Surely all the moderate Muslims we constantly hear about should have clapped the patriots on the back and bought them a round of Cokes for highlighting issues of extremism and fighting strict interpretations of the Islamic faith which only a tiny minority of Muslims adhere to?

Oddly, that's not what happened:

The Daily Mail captioned this image thus:

A man with a Union Jack flag is seemingly attacked after the protest sparked violence.

'Seemingly attacked'?

He is clearly being kicked as our flag is ripped from his hands. You'll note that he is being implicitly blamed for his predicament, despite being much older and out-numbered - 'after the protest sparked violence', as if the reaction of the Asian youths present is a reasonable one after being confronted with the sight of a man in late middle-age holding a Union Jack.

Was this one of the flags which was later burned? Oddly, both the Mail and the BBC declined to show footage of that.

Despite the fact this protest was billed as evil racists demonstrating against good, progress, enrichment and the future, even the sickeningly biased media couldn't cover up the fact that the pictures taken only seemed to show white people injured. Observe:

The picture was captioned thus:

Out of control: Men appear to be attacked as the demonstration span out of control.
What 'appears' to be happening to me is that a white man is on the floor being kicked by several Asians, whilst the man about to jump on his head has been cropped out of the photo to avoid the actual situation being quite so obvious.

There is a good chance these lads weren't even demonstrators - witnesses said that the black and Asian thugs who took on the UAF banner were simply looking for lone white males.

Here is the real picture, with the aftermath:

Observe the Asian man in the brown -shirt in the background - he is the one who can be seen jumping on the white man's head in the first picture. The white man's injuries:

Naturally, the protesters are being blamed for 'stirring up racial tensions'; what is overlooked is that this group of patriots only formed after Muslim extremists heckled homecoming British troops back in March.

The Sunday Mercury only interviewed a Muslim in their coverage, and let him rant lies about 'fascists' until his little heart was content:

Perhaps if the obviously unbiased Khalid Mahmood MP's suggestion had been taken on board then and the right to freedom of speech had been matched with sensitivity, none of this would have happened.

Or do the sensibilities of British people in their own country not matter?

Hopefully this incident and the media lies and bias will go a long way towards educating people about where the real danger lies in this country.


Paul Weston said...

Thanks for getting this out so early.

Does anyone who attended the event have any news?

Cimmerian said...

Other photos show the middle-aged man trying to defend the flag with bleeding wounds to his face.

I hope someone took video or photos of the injuries suffered by both anti-islamisation demonstrators and passersby so they can be posted on the internet.

You can be sure that the BBC/MSM 'narrative' will be that only muslims were injured, innocent victims of 'waycist' attacks by evil white Nazis....

Anonymous said...

West Midlands Police??

Would this be the same constabulary that intended to prosecute Channel 4 for broadcasting the truth about what goes on in mosques?

Anonymous said...

Time for a massive and bitter letter-writing campaign to the BBC. Mine is reading for posting(via snail mail).

Holger Awakens said...

A message to the Brit "Asians"...when you come across the pond to America and decide to "attend" one of our protests here, consider that your kick is going to be met with a response from Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson - conceal and carry permits should make you think twice.

As for the this incident and the photos, it's enough to boil my blood. My heart goes out to those attacked, I only hope that vengeance will come one day.

:Holger Danske

WAKE UP said...

Enoch Powell's tipping point is nearly here.

Anonymous said...

Infidel Bloggers alliance posted a thread with additional details in the comments including video from moslem perspective.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Thanks for stopping by, I have enjoyed your essays in the past.

I advertised for anyone present to tell me their story via my Facebook status, but no takers as yet.

It would be most informative to hear from someone who was there.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I've posted a video in my update showing the man in green being robbed after he was kicked unconscious, and of a couple of 'enrichers' attacking a police officer and being given a lot of leeway.

Do you have links to those photos please?

I'd also be interested to see footage or images of the flag burning, I haven't seen that anywhere yet.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Anon 01:47:

It probably won't do much good in the long run, but I think it is worth at least recording the volume of anger over this.

I've emailed the Daily Mail - some of the distortions they are responsible for are beyond shameful.

They also pulled a more detailed photo of the beating and closed the comments section.

No dissent will be tolerated, it seems.