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Monday, 10 August 2009

Update on the Birmingham Incident

I have long suspected that the police, where possible, treat ethnic minorities with kid gloves in a riot situation.

Firstly, we had the police running away from very aggressive Muslim males during the anti-Israel protests back in January, doing nothing to quell their violence; then, the police backing off from Tamil aggression in Parliament Square later in the year.

Of course, this is sharply contrasted with events which took place at the G20 protests, when the people who faced the riot police were largely white Britons; then, many officers could barely restrain themselves from assaulting protesting members of the public (some of whom were violent anarchist agitators, it must be said).

The following video seems to fit the pattern:

Note that the officer is assaulted several times before he or any of his colleagues react.

I wonder if they would have been so restrained had they been up against one of the "fascists" whom everyone is talking about?

Presumably the officers are trying to understand the Asian chap's obvious and understandable anger after seeing a group of Englishmen waving a Union Flag and singing God Save the Queen on the streets of a British city.

Astoundingly, despite the lies of the media, that pretty much is what we are talking about here.

The violence is being blamed on the provocation of the English & Welsh Defence League existing at all, let alone exercising their right to free speech:

sunnihammer: Quote

these cry babies are going around You tube and other forums, playing the victim claiming that they came for a peaceful demonstration only to be physically attacked and ambushed by Muslim pakis.

It is funny they should say that considering their last demonstration organized by this same group in Luton was not very peaceful when they smashed cars and Asian shop windows and attacked the random "muslim" in the street.Maybe its due to the fact that they faced little opposition in Luton giving them the confidence and courage to cause uncontested mayhem and thought it could be repeated in Birmingham.

I guess their lucky streak had run out.

Of course, what is not mentioned at the Muslim forums is that they only formed in the first place after the shameful abuse ofour troops by a small group of Muslims back in March.

Observe some of the anger and bloodlust in the Muslim rhetoric:

Undercover_85: Quote

Salam everybody

I have just arrivedback from the UAF protest to counter demo the EDL.
Guess how many of them turbned up?> The number wassnt even in in 3 digits. I asked a copper and he said there was signficantly less than a hundred possibly 80.
On the other side (our side) the number was just under a thousand at the start!
Looks like them text messages done the damage! Apart from a few kids from Alum Rock messing aroiund it was a successful and peaaceful yet boisterous demo. At least we showed the Racist scum that you cant come into our streets abusing our way of life.
(15) 2009-08-08 21:17:39

Muhammad: Quote

True - the fascist scum were massively outnumbered, they didn't stand a chance in hell. This is a mere warning to those contemplating trouble in our cities, we will be waiting. They need to simply understand that because Islam is a religion of peace, it also provides Muslims with the right to defend themselves and uphold Islamic culture. It may have only been a handful of racist hooligans, but a strong message is neccessary to those sitting at home and the new cadets thinking of jumping on the fascist bandwagon.
(16) 2009-08-08 22:57:48

The problem here is the general definition of 'fascists' and 'Right-wing extremists'.

Technically speaking, groups such as the UAF and the Muslim community should welcome the formation of the English & Welsh Defence League - a patriotic group which is not affiliated with the BNP and does not focus on race or colour, but on British values and preserving our way of life.

They do not, however, but try to smear these patriots in any way they can - and that says to me that any form of patriotism or criticism of immigration and multiculturalism will eventually become completely taboo in public, as they already are in places like Sweden.

Many are now coming forward to blame the protesters and their 'extremism' for the violence; frankly, I am rather tired of being lectured to about fascism and extremism by people who proudly hold up banners sponsored by the Socialist Worker whilst chanting 'Allahuakbar':

Over at 'Up Pompeii', a commenter called Jane has the following to say:

Jane wrote:
This is not what happened at all.I was there, I am white and I hate political correctness. I do think there is too much political correctnhess in this country. However, whilst the anti fascists (mainly Asian British and some White British) were having there demostration a group of thugish looking whites came chanting abuse down new street at the anti fascists stirring up racial hatred. Asians were not burning the British flag, they were holding up the flag in pride to show they are British. Thank goodness this far right organization only has a small following. It shows that most White British people in this country have got brains and this ignorant party is just a small minority. Take your racial hatred and ignorance somewhere else. You do not represent Britain or British people!!

I find this very hard to believe, for the simple fact that had these events occurred, they would have been on the front page of every newspaper yesterday.

Even the BBC carried the report that Asian protesters were burning Union Jacks, and videos like this keep cropping up - this one showing the man in green who was having his head stamped on by Asian and black rioters having his wallet stolen afterwards, when he was safely barely conscious.

Is anyone seriously telling me that the media and the Establishment would miss a chance to prove their narrative about the country being full of evil racists?

If we bear in mind the violence against patriots and random white males the mere presence of the demonstration sparked, I think we can be fairly confident that had racists been beating up Muslims, there would have been full scale riots and possibly even deaths in response.

Sadly, that's what our country is coming to - the most violent are the ones who prevail and get listened to.

If anyone was there and would like to write a guest post, please get in touch.


Edwin Greenwood said...

The "Asian chap" in the first video clip looks more like a Black guy to me; he has a characteristically African round head and prognathous jaw; and his female companion looks Black too. Living in Sarf London like wot I do, you develop the skills for this sort of thing.

Whatever, your point is still just as valid. If that had been a White bloke he would have been cuffed and in the van as soon as he took a swipe at the officer. He had plenty of warning and the police will tolerate a certain amount of backchat if only to avoid the bureaucratic overhead of booking people, but not a swing like that.

WAKE UP said...

The bottom line is, as ever, if the Muslims were not HERE, none of this would be happening.

Muslims, like rust, never sleep, and are twice as corrosive. Where they go, trouble follows.