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Monday, 17 August 2009

Labour Remove Focus from Muslim Terrorism to Win Votes

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that £45 million of government money aimed at preventing terrorism in the Muslim community would be largely spent in deprived white areas to tackle 'Right-wing extremism and racism'.

The Cohesion Minister Shahid Malik believes for some reason that Muslims are unfairly targeted by anti-terror strategies, and this may 'alienate them':

Mr Malik said that Prevent, which includes measures like helping mosques to spot the early signs of extremism in vulnerable youngsters, was too focused on the Muslim community.

He added: “You speak to any Muslim on the street anywhere in this country and they will say they are as opposed as you and I are to extremism, to terrorism.

“But the frustration is that they are constantly linked with terrorism as a community as a whole.”

He went on: “It is not just about the Muslim, it is actually about everybody in our society having a role to play and we cannot dismiss or underestimate the threat from the far right.”

Scotland Yard has switched some officers to monitor a recent surge in suspected far-right plots.
These 'far-Right' plots are the work of disturbed, psychotic loners.

When it comes to defeating the 'far-Right' on a political level, the way forward is to actually start listening to the concerns of ordinary people and resurrect the traditionalist-Right - but of course it is easier to spread lies and propaganda about how people who are against mass immigration are all evil weirdos who want to bomb Muslim schools.

There's a distinct lack of evidence for this view, however.

Of course, Malik's agenda here is pretty obvious; on the one hand he wants to destroy any support for parties which might resist Muslim immigration and crack down on the Islamic agenda; on the other he realises that Labour need to win back Muslim voters.

The danger here is that disaffected poor whites, Labour's traditional fodder, might actually believe that party cares for them once more.

It does not - it simply wishes to reduce them to a minority competing for favours with other minorities, and in large swathes of the country it has succeeded.

One of the few sane men left in mainstream politics, David Davis, has hit the nail on the head in this article by Bernard Dinnen:
Mr Malik says: "We shall be putting a renewed focus on resisting Right-wing racism. We cannot dismiss the threat." I can denounce these white extremists with the best of them. But I can't recall them blowing up Tube trains or attacking airports.

So what is really behind this watering down of the fight against Islamist terrorism? David Davis, the former shadow Home Secretary, is in no doubt: "This has been done for political reasons. It is classic Labour – attack something on the Right to deflect attention. Anti-terrorist strategy should be about saving lives, not scoring points."

The parrot-cry is always, "The vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving". Of course they are. You'd have to be biased or ignorant to believe anything else. But what the majority think is irrelevant: it is the violent minority who are the menace. And whether the peace-loving majority are doing enough to combat the extremists.

The real truth is that Labour is scared of losing Muslim votes in inner-city seats. At least 20 Labour constituencies, including that of the Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, depend on Muslim votes. So we are watering down our defences against terrorism in order to protect the careers of Labour MPs.
Pretty much sums up the last eleven years, doesn't it?


Fred said...

Only 20 seats depend on the ethnic vote?

I think that is an underestimate. Somewhere on the web I read a statement by an INDIAN born millionaire businessman. From memory he said "No British party can (ignore/win/gain power) without the immigrant vote (We?) control 50 key city seats.

Nemesis said...

I believe the BNP is drawing up a 'traitors list' for future reference. I hope they include this bastard!

Nick said...

You're quite right, I think. It's a ploy to keep hold of the Muslim voting block, and hold on to their seats.

Such a ploy can be spoken aloud though, because of the irrational thinking amongst so many non-Muslim people in the UK.

I spent a lot of time on an "Athiest vs. Theist" board pointing out the simple fact that it is a necessary condition for one to be a Muslim in order for one to go on and become an Islamic terrorist.

You should have heard the residents of that board howl! They just weren't having any of it! It was okay, apparently, to rip any Christian theist to pieces if they ever appeared on their little old message board. It was okay too, to rip certain Western politicians to pieces. But start to discuss Islam and suddenly all pretence at rational thinking went out the window!

No one can criticise Islam! No one can even discuss Islam! And no one can ever, ever speak about any possible connection between Islam and Islamic terrorism! No, no no. This kind of thing just shows how deep the sickness is in Western society, the self-hatred (which in this particular guise is actually hatred of Christianity masquerading as rational thinking) and the pro-Islamic treachery we've all become familiar with these last few years.

See link here. (I'm "GoatBoy36")

Nick said...

And when you tie Malik's new position together with the increase in state spying, a rather sinister picture begins to emerge. Where will we be in a few years time?

WAKE UP said...

Mosley was right.