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Monday, 17 August 2009

Albanian Gang Killer Found in London

Worse than that, his brother is still on the run.

When Albania is actually a member of the European Union, perhaps we can look forward to cases like this on a more frequent basis.

From The Evening Standard:

A suspected Albanian gangster wanted for two attempted murders has been arrested hiding out in London.

Admir Doda, 33, was seized by officers from Scotland Yard's extradition unit at a semi-detached house in north London.

His younger brother Gentian Doda — who is wanted for a double murder — is also thought be on the run in the capital.

Admir, whose nickname is Miri or Mirja, is now awaiting legal proceedings to extradite him to Albania. He is accused of firearms offences and two attempted murders in his homeland.

Scotland Yard said Doda was arrested at an address in Girton Avenue in Kingsbury. He is believed to have been under surveillance for several weeks.

It is the second time that Doda has faced extradition from London. In 2003 he was extradited by Italian police in connection with a murder of an Albanian man.

He was released when the trial against him collapsed after witnesses refused to testify.

According to an international warrant sent by Interpol to Scotland Yard, Doda is wanted for five other offences involving military-style weapons, including an automatic shotgun. His photo and other details are listed on an Interpol “wanted” website.

Detectives are still hunting Doda's brother Gentian, 31, who is wanted for killing two men in a revenge attack.

Gentian is one of the Albanian police's 10 most wanted fugitives. He has been sentenced to 25 years in jail in his absence for “crimes against life and health” including a 1997 attack in which he and four others shot and killed two men.

The gangster was recently named in a Crimestoppers appeal for 17 international criminals who are believed to be hiding in the UK, eight of whom were Albanian.

Police sources believe that the two brothers work closely together and suspect both may have been in London.

Albanians gangs have been an emerging force in London's criminal underworld for the past decade.

For years senior officers feared an explosion in gang violence as rival groups fought for control of territory and the spoils of crime.

In Soho, Albanian gangs took control of about 70 per cent of the vice trade but have since expanded across London and into other cities.

They are a major force in human trafficking for prostitution and more recently, have moved into the heroin trade.

According to sources Gentian Doda is suspected of being part of a criminal organisation in Northern Albania known as the Kola Gangs syndicate.


eh said...

Anyone who's been to London knows that as far as the population goes it's total chaos there; it's surprising they can find anyone. I put it like this: If someone asks me 'Have you ever been to England?', I reply 'No, but I've been to London several times.'. That pretty much describes what you see there.

Anonymous said...

The gangster was recently named in a Crimestoppers appeal for 17 international criminals who are believed to be hiding in the UK, eight of whom were Albanian.

These are the ones they know of.

Riccardo Barettis said...

Some albanian in an other comment said that if there were no criminals then we would not know what is crime.I this thing what matters more than the rest or that behind every major crime in every west european city where there is a significant number of albanians, there is always one Albanian who does it. As I have read before in UK the Albanians control the brothels and in an other article one figure of the albanian underworld was feeling really proud for this thing mentioning even that the law cant touch them neither the police. Further more Albanians were behind the largest robbery in UK history. Why all this should happen? Why should they make our lives hard? Some of them hit the big fish but some of them will cause you troubles at the street because their nature is a nature of a criminal. They attack in packs they pretend to be the best they humiliate you. Why all this? Because they feel inferior? Why should we tolerate them in our own countries when they are guests and they have to behave. Does anyone of you behaves badly when he visits an other house as guest? Why should we tolerate with them. Why UK didn't investigate deep who came from Kossovo and what was his past? And if they do serious crimes there then why do you have to keep them and not to deport them?UK is a serious strong country with laws and authorities that function perfectly. If you know that they control the brothels in London why dont you try to find the leaders and to send them back to Albania? Why? We pay the taxes to the state to feel safety and protection inside the country. Why we have to face theese people? And when we try to defend our beliefs and our principals about our country and our selves against them they call us racists? Why? In situations like this new 'Hitlers' are raised and fascists gain power. Someday the natives will fed up and they will try to protect their self in ways that won't be that legal. In Greece because Iam Greek we have serious problem with them. Many Greek men make weapon licences nowday to protect their homes and their families and their property by some people like theese Albanians. Why all this should happen? Why should we be afraid in our own countries? In our own homes when these people feel proud to destroy to kill to rape to steal and to enjoy many benefits?Why because there are not any people to do the hard work? Keep the immigrants and the albanians who are necessary and they don't cause troubles to the society and kick the rest back. Someone who will do something like this he will be praised by his country fellowmen. This article is not only for Albanians but all the imported criminals in general

Steven Kele said...

The Albanians no more criminals like the English!

Anonymous said...

albania gangsta 4 life ...............................