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Monday, 8 June 2009

A Snapshot from Britain's Courts

I found a very interesting resource a few weeks ago - Court News UK.

It provides little news stories and updates on the most interesting cases currently going through the London court system.

Unfortunately it also highlights just how often people get away with the most outrageous things.

Take the top story from today:

STAMFORD HILL, STOKE NEWINGTON, N LONDON. A Muslim student who racially abused a disabled Jewish woman after she asked him not to play ball games in the street was spared jail. Hushen Ali, 20, branded Batya Beverley Wiles a 'Jewish bitch' and a 'Jewish c**t' after she confronted him in her wheelchair.

Nice. It's interesting to know that even in the age of political correctness, only the officially favoured minority groups count as worthy of protection.

Here's another which beggars belief:

WALTHAM ABBEY, EAST LONDON; ENFIELD, NORTH LONDON A Nigerian mum-of-nine behind a £25,000 benefit scam involving a mystery identical twin sister was spared jail today (fri) because she is a mother. Mary Adama-Agbo, 43, was arrested on suspicion of using the fake identity of sibling Sarah Nnadiekwe to secure mortgages of more than £400,000 on two properties - while claiming handouts to cover the repayments for six years.

So, we have to pay to raise her nine kids, pay for her benefits scam, and presumably pay any fine she may have received, not to mention the cost of a court case which was completely pointless.

Nice work, if you can get it.

Another case of a violent criminal released early killing someone:


A gangster who shot a man dead in a road rage attack six months after being released early from prison was given two life sentences today (Fri).
Junior Cameron, 27, gunned down 35 year-old Gary Guthrie after they were involved a minor traffic accident in Streatham, south London.

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Dr.D said...

There is a solution, such a simple solution, to all of this. Just get rid of them. DEPORT THEM ALL.

These people are not British. They do not belong in the UK, so get rid of them, and the UK will once again be a peaceful place. Until the British people recover enough spine to do this, they will suffer all manner of problems.