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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Religion of Peace in Britain

Within the last few days five incidents have been reported in the news, all of them serious in their way, but some far more so than others, shockingly so in fact.

All of these incidents have one thing in common; the alleged perpetrators are euphemistically described as 'Asians' - but they are all almost certainly Muslims.

  • A 13 year old girl was allegedly gang-raped by up to a dozen men in the Harehills area of Leeds:
A MAJOR police inquiry was launched today after a 13-year-old girl was reportedly raped after being forced into sex acts with a group of at least a dozen men. The girl is believed to have told police she was raped by one man in the Chatsworth Road area of Harehills at about 7pm on Saturday after being forced to engage in sexual activities with at least 12 others.

The girl was found wandering in a traumatic condition the following morning at about 5am.

Five men were later arrested by police in connection with the allegation and it is understood that more suspects are being sought by officers investigating the horrific report.

  • 37 year old Christopher Folkes was killed after being repeatedly kicked in the head during a 'sustained and savage' attack in a Blackburn park:

Christopher Folkes died from severe head injuries after he was brutally attacked in Queen's Park, Blackburn on Saturday night.

Witnesses said the 37-year-old was walking through the park around 9.30pm when he was heckled by a pack of ten men.

It is thought that he shouted back and three men of the men chased after him.

Horrified eyewitnesses said the victim was kicked repeatedly in the head as he lay unconscious and helpless on the ground.

A jogger and a man walking his dog rushed to the side of the lake, where Christopher lay bleeding, and gave first aid until the paramedics arrived.

Less than 24 hours later he was pronounced dead.

A group of up to 10 Asian and white young men were seen drinking near a football field in the park just before the violent assault.

Detective Superintendent Neil Hunter, leading the investigation, said: 'This was a really vicious and sustained attack on a man who at this moment in time was walking in the park, completely unrelated to the group we are wishing to trace.

'The motive is still unclear but we do know alcohol was consumed.

'He was in the park when the three Asian males in the group had a verbal altercation with him and then there has been a short chase, which has resulted in the attack. Christopher had tried unsuccessfully to escape.

'It was quite a prolonged and sustained attack. The witnesses who observed it said he was kicked repeatedly, particularly about the head but also in the body as well.'

  • A man was stabbed to death by a predominantly Muslim gang of drug dealers after warning them off his younger brother:
A man was stabbed to death by a drug dealing gang when he confronted them for supplying cannabis to his 14-year-old brother, a court heard.

Adnan Patel was surrounded by the armed gang and knifed on each side of his chest after approaching them to warn them away from his younger sibling, a jury was told.

D'Mello, 24, of Stratford, Akeel Shah, 24, of Leytonstone, Moneeb Khalid, 20, of Manor Park, and Mohsin Akram, 19, of Beckton, deny murder.

  • An amateur Cricket team fielded by the Shimla Kebab House attacked the teenage umpire with wickets and bats after a series of decisions they disagreed with:

They confronted the umpire, Matthew Lowson, 18, who was allegedly struck in the face by a player, then hit repeatedly with 'fists, kicks and stumps'.

Amid chaotic scenes, spectators dialled 999. Members of the batting team tried to protect the young official and the match was abandoned as the two sides squared up to each other.

Police arrived at the ground in Rotherham shortly after the visiting Shimla team from Bradford had left the scene. But officers gave chase and a minibus with most of the players was stopped on a motorway slip road.

There were more bizarre scenes when the umpire arrived and the players lined up in a roadside 'identity parade'.

A 16-year-old and two adults were identified as being involved in the 'confrontation'.
Mr Lowson, a qualified umpire, suffered 'reddening to his left cheek' but was not seriously hurt.

The incident happened at 4pm on Sunday near the end of the home Sheffield Alliance team's innings.

The Shimla team takes its name from wicketkeeper-Waleed Ditta's restaurant, the Shimla Kebab House.

Mr Ditta denied anyone had attacked the umpire. However, one spectator said: 'Players from the opposition team had to intervene and use themselves as human shields to protect the umpire.

'I could see the players surrounding him, repeatedly hitting him with fists, kicks and stumps.'

  • A gang of up to four men described as 'Asian' attempted to abduct a 12 year old boy in North Yorkshire:

A 12-year-old boy managed to struggle free from a would-be abductor as he walked to school in North Yorkshire, police said.

The boy was on Goosecroft Lane in Northallerton at about 0825 BST on Monday when a black BMW 5 Series with up to four men in pulled alongside him.

One of the men got out from a passenger door and tried to pull the boy into the vehicle but he managed to break free.

North Yorkshire Police said it was a "worrying and serious incident".

They appealed for witnesses to come forward.

After the boy escaped the man's grasp, the BMW drove in and out of Swain Court and was last seen passing Sainsbury's on the High Street.

The man who grabbed the boy is described as Asian, aged in his mid-30s, about 5ft 10in tall (1.78m) with a pointy nose and a dent mark under his right eye.

He was wearing a dark suit and pink tie.

Police said the other men in the car were also Asian and dressed in suits and ties.

Det Con Jason Roper said: "I can assure parents, the school and the local community that we are doing everything we can to investigate it.

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