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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Muslim Crashes Memorial for Soldier Shot in Arkansas

On the 1st June 2009 a convert to Islam gunned down two American soldiers outside a recruitment centre in Little Rock, Arkansas.

One of the soldiers, 23 year old Private William Long, was killed in the attack.

The killer, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, was later found to have maps and information suggesting that he would attack further targets, including a Jewish centre, a Baptist church, a day care centre for children and a post office.

Yesterday a memorial service was held for Private Long. This upset a hijab-clad Muslim fanatic, however, who made her ire known.

Here is an account of the event from someone who was there:

Secure Arkansas organized a rally in remembrance of the first terrorist attack since 9/11. Pvt. William Long was killed and Pvt. Quinton I. Ezeagwula was wounded by Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad). Channel 11 was the only TV crew out there with a camera, and the AR Dem Gazette sent a reporter and a photographer.

The event had several speakers who did a wonderful job. Video footage of them will be uploaded soon. However, the most shocking part of the event was when a muslim fanatic crashed the event.

The fanatic drove by and yelled at us, then parked in the parking lot and stood out with a homemade sign yelling anti-American and later anti-Semetic comments. Had this been a ceremony for Tiller, this would have been the top story for both local and national media. Since it isn't a top story, it's up to you to send this to as many people as possible. In case youtube deletes the video or the account, here are multiple links to see and share the video footage.

Here is a video of the incident in question:

Rest in peace, Private Long. There are many out there who appreciate your sacrifice and your service.

It seems that in the Islamisation stakes, where Europe has led the United States will sadly follow.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs.


Dr.D said...

I really regret that someone did not make a citizen's arrest and remove this woman. She has no business interfering with a memorial for a slain soldier. As they say, "Where is a cop when you need one?"

I wonder what she is doing out without her husband? Is she some sort of loose woman?

Zardoz said...

I've already had my say about this muslim sow on another blog.

The fact that Private Long's murderer had a list of targets that included a day care centre is a very sad commentary on islam. Islam = fascism.

Zardoz said...

Dr.D, I think I saw a police car drive by in the video. Someone should have flagged it down; Free Speech is one thing, a lack of respect and an inability to act in a civilized manner is another.

Lucy said...

Doesnt she understand her own religion? She is not meant to be out in public without a man. Bad Bad Muslem!!!!!!

WAKE UP said...

Details details - the only REAL point is that she SHOULD NOT BE IN AMERICA.

Nick said...

What a disgrace! You see how she demands that she is respected, while she shows no respect at all for other people.

That kind of thing just blows my mind; why should we put up with it? If she wants to explain her crazy conspiracy theories (rampant in the Islamic world, apparently) she can go off and write a book.

Gatecrashing a memorial service for a murdered soldier is way, way beyond bad taste. Way, way beyond offensive. It's evil.

Rush said...

Along with freedom of speech is the freedom to make a complete idiot of yourself. It seems she took full advantage of that opportunity.

That being said, I don't believe her actions should have resulted in arrest or anything of that manner. In my opinion, that is a slippery slope stance that can come back to bite you in the future (e.g. the ongoing DHS stance concerning "right-wing extremist"). The other problem you just can't legislate against stupidity effectively.

Make no mistake, as a veteran of 20+ years, it sickens me to see these chowderheads. Too bad a couple of Patriot Guard Riders couldn't attend.