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Friday, 12 June 2009

The Murder of Ben Kinsella

Ben Kinsella was 16 years old and celebrating the end of his GCSEs when he fled from a fight in Islington, North London. Unlike his friends, Ben stopped running and was stabbed 11 times in just 5 seconds.

The perpetrators are Juress Kika, 19, Jade Braithwaite, 20, and Michael Alleyne, 18, all from London.

The attack occurred because earlier in the evening Braithwaite claimed he had been 'disrespected' by a wrong glance from someone in Ben's group of friends.

Despite the fact that these three men chose a slightly built white boy to kill for the slight, when it was acknowledged he had not been part of it, the words 'hate crime' and 'racist' were not mentioned once.

All of the men in question had previous convictions; at the time of Ben's murder, Kika was on the run from the police over a robbery nine days earlier in which a man had been stabbed. Alleyne was under a 'supervision order' for drug-dealing after being released early from a jail sentence.

The men were caught after being bugged by the police - all attempted to target and intimidate witnesses:

In one tape the men can be heard gloating about how little evidence the police had. In another, sometimes laughing and joking, they compared notes about the investigation.

In one excerpt Kika appears to recall the moment that he attacked Ben. Referring to it as “the madness”, he said: “See when it happened, yeah. Like boom, it was like a kinda quick ting. Like boom. Went down the road, come back up. Boom, boom. Finished. Boom. Ghost. You get what I’m saying?”

He then added that he believed that the only witnesses to the attack could have been “the people from the houses that were watching on the road. Know what I’m saying?”

They then try to identify the “snitch” (informant) from their “endz” (neighbourhood) who had named them as the killers. Meanwhile Kika claimed that “someone should sort out” a man who ran the council’s CCTV cameras that filmed them running from the murder scene.

Despite all of this, the men were given life with a minimum of 19 years each.

From the BBC:

Sentencing, the Common Serjeant of London, Judge Brian Barker, told the defendants: "Your behaviour generates outrage in all right-minded people and your blind and heartless anger defies belief.

"He had in front of him a lifetime of promise.

"You have taken all that away from him in a brutal, cowardly and totally unjustified attack."

The judge said the crime was aggravated by the fact that they picked on "an obviously younger and smaller lone victim", the judge added.

This case has prompted a lot of soul searching about youths who carry knives. 28 other youngsters died of stab wounds in 2008.

What people don't seem to realise is that having a knife is not the problem in itself - it is not being afraid of the consequences of using it.

Whilst we live in a country which sees punishing violent criminals as evil and wrong, tragedies such as this one will continue to occur.

Ben Kinsella was robbed of his life not by a knife, but by the people who were brandishing it and their utter contempt for human life, the law and anything other than their own inflated egos.

Until we wake up to that reality, no amount of hand wringing will make things any better.


Dr.D said...

The three men should be executed right now! As things stand, even if they serve out that sentence, they will be no more than 40 years old when they get out. That is wrong in so many ways.

What do black people like this contribute to the UK? Do they bring essential knowledge that the nation needs? Do they have skills that are important to the country? I'd wager that they do not. They certainly are not part of the indigenous population (even if they were born in the UK), and they do not belong there. They should be deported. It is quite clear that they are not a part of civilization and have no intent or interest in being so. Why should they be allowed to stay?

Separation from blacks and muzlims is a vital step necessary for the survival of white civilization. If it does not happen, white civilization is going to be entirely overwhelmed by these uncivilized barbarians and will disappear. For this reason, blacks and muzlims should all be deported, NOW!

If you will recall, origianlly, the UK was neither black nor muzlim.

Anonymous said...

UK cities will very soon be every bit as dangerous as US cities due to black criminals and black feral youth. Labour Government officials that have promoted immigration into the UK from Third World Cesspools over the last 40 years should tried for treason.

Dr.D said...

"UK cities will very soon be every bit as dangerous as US cities due to black criminals and black feral youth."

Pot meet kettle! Where was it Ben died, tell me again?

There are plenty of problems on both sides of the pond. To a significant degree, in the US I think we have kept a greater degree of separation which helps to minimize this problem. But the problems are very real on both sides, and I think it is is absurd to make statements such as the one given above.

Anonymous said...

Dr. D,

So what's your point? Are you saying that UK crime is already as bad as US crime? Just trying to understand your post...Cheers, Anon.

Dr.D said...

Anon, I suppose you could take it that I am saying UK crime is as bad as US crime. Actually, I think they are difficult to compare because they are of different sorts.

It looks to me like you have more of this particular type of black on white crime in the UK because you seem to have more complete race mixing in the UK than in the US. Also, you are on a relatively small island with a fairly high population density which means you cannot avoid running into them. It is not that way in the US, thank goodness.

To the largest extent possible (which certainly is not total) blacks and whites in the US have remained separated, with the exception of white ultra-liberals who want to show how stupid they really are and choose to live in the ghetto. In the US, blacks and whites work together, but at then end of the day, they go their separate ways to a very large extent which is a fortunate thing. There is minimal interracial socializing. When we do have black on white crime (and we certainly do), it usually marauding blacks coming into white areas. The idea of the setting in which Ben was killed is extremely unlikely in the US. We are much more wary than that.