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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

More Insane Sentences from Britain's 'Justice' System

Some of these jail terms are so short as to absolutely beggar belief.
  • Ali Shahzad, 26, of Bullingdon Prison, Bicester, convicted of sexual assault on a female on March 29 in Oxford. Jailed for six weeks and ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for seven years.
  • Jakub Bala was just 16 when he raped a woman in Portsmouth:
The woman told Bala, now 21, to leave her alone but he continued to follow her as she made her way to a friend's home.

When she arrived at the block of flats Bala grabbed her and forced her to the floor.

She begged him to leave her alone and screamed for help.
But Bala persisted and raped her in the communal entrance area of the block in Portsmouth.

Judge Gareth Cowling said: 'One just cannot imagine the trauma and terror that that young woman was suffering.

'She was trying to get someone to notice that you had trapped her in a corner. You pushed her and grabbed her while she was screaming.

'All the time she was trying to repel you. This is a bad case of rape.
'I take into account that at the time of the offence you were only 16 – had you been older the sentence I would be passing would be longer.'

Four years received - but he will only serve half.
  • Dr Rajinder Aggarwal was convicted of smacking the bottoms of two his female patients, but escaped a jail sentence in favour of community service and a £3,000 fine. A fitness to practice panel will decide his future as a doctor later:
A family doctor prescribed a 'good screw' to a woman who was suffering from panic attacks, a court heard yesterday.

Dr Rajinder Aggarwal, 54, also allegedly gave unnecessary intimate examinations, smacked patients on the bottom and questioned them about their favourite sexual positions.

Four women, aged between 26 and 53, have lodged complaints about Aggarwal's conduct in December 2006 and January 2007.

Prosecutor Anthony Abell told Basildon Crown Court that a woman suffering from panic attacks was 'prodded and pushed around the groin area' by Aggarwal during an examination.

'He told her she was an attractive lady. He asked her when she last had sex and with whom.

'He told her she looked like a million dollars and then gave her these words of advice, "Do you know what would do you good? You should go out and paint the town red and have a good screw".'

The jury heard that the doctor then wrote down his phone number and asked her out for dinner.

Another patient, a student from Sweden, went to see him with a condition. Mr Abell said: 'He pulled down her tights and knickers and began to tap her lower stomach and pubic area.

'As he did this he was pressing his genitals against her lower right arm. She could tell he had an erection.

'He told her to stand up and turn round. Once she had done so he smacked her on the bottom so hard that it hurt and caused her to stumble forwards.'

  • Aruna Paranamana raped a female neighbour with severe learning difficulties. He was sentenced to five years:

Aruna Paranamana, 49, of Rugby Avenue, knew his victim when he approached her asking for sex, and when she refused he pulled down her clothing and raped her.

The 43-year-old woman protested throughout her ordeal but he ignored her.

After the attack he told her not to tell anyone but was caught when the victim's carer saw she was not eating properly and was unusually moody.

The woman then told her what happened and the police were informed.

When questioned by officers Paranamana claimed his victim must have been forced to make the allegations but pleaded guilty on the day of his trial in the face of overwhelming DNA evidence found on her clothing.

  • Thsawar Malik stabbed one man to death and nearly killed another in a revenge attack for an incident at his family home was jailed for just fifteen years:

Malik, 24, armed himself with a kitchen knife after his deaf mute older brother was punched and windows smashed during an attack on his family home in Miles Hill Road, Meanwood, Leeds.

The jury heard weeks earlier Mr Flanagan's car windows had been smashed and he believed the two Malik brothers were responsible.

Thsawar and another brother, Wasim Malik, 21, went looking for the men responsible – Peter Flanagan, 29, and Jamie Tobin.

Leeds Crown Court heard there was a stand off before Thsawar stabbed and seriously injured Mr Tobin in the early hours of last December 3.
A drunk Mr Flanagan came running at Thsawar Malik with a six-foot piece of wood.

Mr Flanagan slipped in the snow and Malik, who claimed to have been racially abused, plunged the knife into his chest, piercing his heart and killing him.

Thsawar was cleared of attempting to murder Jamie Tobin but was convicted of causing him grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent.
The Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collier QC, jailed Thsawar for 15 years for manslaughter, with a 10-year concurrent sentence for GBH.

Judge Collier told him: "I accept the immediate cause of your lethal venture was a wholly unjustified and outrageous attack on your home in the middle of the night.

"I also accept that the jury by their verdict have found that that conduct provoked you to behave as you did."

Judge Collier added that taking a knife out showed "a degree of premeditation".
  • In another incident, it has been revealed that a man responsible for killing two police officers may be released from jail after just seven years:
Leayon Davi Dudley killed Pc Moore, from Shepshed, and Pc Munn, from Diseworth, by deliberately ramming a van into their patrol car on the A42, near Worthington, in August 2002, after a high-speed chase. He was drunk at the wheel.

His murder convictions were quashed on appeal and reduced to manslaughter, for which he received fourteen years.


WAKE UP said...

Yep, multiculturalism sure is a success.

MK said...

"One just cannot imagine the trauma and terror that that young woman was suffering."

Sounds like the judge really couldn't, hence the piss-weak sentence.

"A family doctor prescribed a 'good screw' to a woman who was suffering from panic attacks, a court heard yesterday."

Should have sent that POS to jail, get him a bit of his own medicine.