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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Jacqui Smith Set to Resign as Home Secretary

Jacqui Smith appears to have jumped before she was pushed - it is being reported that she will resign.

As she must be one of the most power hungry, fascist, dishonest parasites to ever hold the post, I can only welcome this news.

It was widely expected that she would be sacked after next week's post-election Cabinet reshuffle.

This is being dubbed a 'morning of crisis for Labour' - but one thing's for sure, the government is falling apart before our eyes.

The Mail reports:

  • Jacqui Smith 'is quitting as Home Secretary'
  • Three other Labour MPs resign in just two hours
  • Patricia Hewitt and Beverley Hughes to go
  • David Chaytor will also leave at next election
  • Private prosecution threat for Chaytor and three others
  • Cameron: Election essential to 'cleanse' Parliament
Surely not even Gordon can cling on much longer?

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Edwin Greenwood said...

Contain your understandable joy, good Sir. We might just get Harman appointed in her stead, followed in short order by the introduction onto the statute book of the offence of Having a penis in a public place without good reason or authority.