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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Britain's Been Going Mad

The latest plan from our rulers would certainly suggest madness in some for or another; the British government wants to fast track citizenship for certain migrants.

How can migrants earn this privilege?

Why, by standing on a picket line, canvassing for a political party or 'mentoring a newly arrived refugee'.

It just so happens that our ruling Labour Party is heavily involved with and funded by the trade union movement. A coincidence, surely?

Immigrants and their descendants overwhelmingly vote Labour or Liberal Democrat, afraid of even the pseudo-conservatism of the Tories which might lead to tighter border controls.

So apart from potentially swelling its own ranks and pool of voters, Labour suggest that one colonist in Britain can 'mentor' another. It makes sense I suppose - there are many leaflets in Urdu and Arabic braille out there (at our expense, naturally), but why go to all the trouble of finding the benefits office when someone else can show you?

Given the existence of widespread visa fraud and abuse of the family reunification system, I think it is self-evident why this is a very bad, very stupid idea.

Also, who vets the mentors? I suppose the idea that, say, Pakistanis sympathetic to al-Qaeda might attempt to jump on the bandwagon and radicalise younger immigrants who have less ability to escape their clutches is the insane ramblings of a cyberhate-monger?

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