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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sikh Sex Pest Picked to Host Radio Programme on British Culture

Who better to present a five part radio series on British culture than Hardeep Singh Kohli, currently on six month leave from The One Show to 'reflect on his behaviour' after 'overstepping the mark' with a female colleague.

The BBC refuses to reveal details of why he's taking a six month holiday, but insists his break from one particular programme should not affect his work across the organisation, even though he is clearly in the wrong.

Described by some as a 'arrogant, rude, ego-centric and completely unfunny', I'm sure having this man present a programme called 'Tea & Biscuits' (which includes such homages to Britain as an Indian bride and groom at their arranged wedding) is the worst form of politically correct propaganda.

From The Daily Mail:

Shamed One Show presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli has landed a job on Radio 4 – just two months after a BBC co-worker accused him of harassment.

The 40-year-old roving reporter, famous for his colourful turbans, is presenting a five-part series on British culture.

His role on the show, which is being broadcast this week, comes during his six-month 'leave of absence’ from the BBC One magazine programme.

A spokesman for Radio 4 said he could not rule out the possibility that Kohli would be offered work on more shows in the future.

Kohli, a father of two, found himself in hot water in June this year, when a female researcher on The One Show complained about his inappropriate behaviour.

The reporter, who had been regarded as one of the BBC’s rising stars, was hauled in front of bosses who demanded he apologise to the woman.

He was reprimanded by producers on the show, which is hosted by Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles, and agreed to take six months off to ‘reflect on his behaviour’.

Kohli attracted yet more criticism just last week, when he came up with ‘saucy’ names for children’s characters and posted them on his Twitter site.

The names, which included ‘Little Jack Hornier’, ‘Randy Pandy’ and ‘Blue Movie Peter’, prompted complaints from some of his ‘followers’ on the social networking site. One angry mother branded him a ‘disgrace’.

But if Kohli was concerned about work offers becoming a little thin on the ground, he needn’t have worried.

The Glasgow-born TV star is presenting a new five-part series for Radio 4, entitled Tea And Biscuits, which is airing every afternoon this week.

The show, which started on Monday, sees Kohli visit people and places where the British tradition of tea and biscuits is still going strong.

His encounters include a blood donation centre, the setting up of an arranged marriage between an Indian bride and groom and a break in a lorry driver’s day.

A spokesman for Radio 4 said Kohli’s six month absence from The One Show did not affect his work across the rest of the BBC.

‘Hardeep has not been banned, he has taken a mutually agreed leave of absence from the One Show,’ he said. ‘This does not include his work for Radio 4.’

Details of the harassment complaint against Kohli have not been made public, but the presenter denied that it was sexual harassment.

He admitted, however, that he had ‘overstepped the mark’ and said he had ‘apologised unreservedly’.

Kohli, who split from his wife Sharmila two years ago, has been regarded as one of the BBC's rising stars since winning a place on the corporation's training scheme in Scotland.


nakaggwa said...

Yes another fantastic article that helps drive my point DEEPER.

You see... you said that your aim is to inform the British public of the effects of immigration...

I asked you whether the same British people were blind, stupid or from Mars?

Or if the British govt/BBC know something about immigration that you the dull (dole) public DONT!

This sikh presenter is a Glasgow-born...for goodness sake! He is one of your British public....You remember saying I was beyond the pale for saying...Black?

Now the dole British public needs to be kept under control by the govt (You have never got independence remember)Some of the weapons used on you is the communist BBC, you are only allowed to watch/listen to what is rationed by the govt!! And you have to pay (Tv licence) to ensure compliance!

As soon as you see flies/huts/monkeys and poverty automatically thats Africa... so says BBC!

Nowonder you are having troubles calling me a DR.

The sikh has to be paraded on your TV/radio so that you (the sober ones) dont get naughty with your neighbor immigrants, the non sober will assume the usual expected praise for Britain ...oh we are ok/very tolerant to everyone..see we have a sikh on our TV!

Meanwhile the BBC knows the truth,that, the man is a star!, or there simply no white applicants to stick around for the boring BBC junk, or the govt arm demands that for the British interest in the Sikh community they need to see atleast a british born on TV...
Or the bosses are getting jealousy of the man's talent and like you, they are sensing the man taking over Britain..sorry.. BBC

Get my drift!

Britain is No more.

Some British parents have already sensed this and they are marrying off their kids to BLACK... visa or not!! Keep your eyes open next time you see a pram...look inside... there is a Barack Obama!!

Look at swine flu.. How many immigrants died from it? Wait global warming is on its way!

The White race is doomed.

Your only escape...TURN TO GOD. Love your neighbor ...black or white, love peace and enjoy what you have not what you dont!

You cant resist the hand of God. It is the Immigration time.Try to go to London on Sunday morning ..every big room in london is now a black church...


MK said...

You can always trust the bbc to side with scumbaggery eh.