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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

60% of New Danish Municipal Employees of Immigrant Background

This is unbelievable news in a time of recession:
Danish municipalities are employing immigrants by the thousands. 60% of the new 7,300 new employees last year are of immigrant background.

In 2007 there were 32,543 municipal employees of a different ethnic background, but after one year this increased to 37,058.

And the increase is remarkably. In just one year, municipalities employed more than 4,500 more immigrants, which comes to an increase of 14%, reports Danish newspaper Politiken, based on a survey by the National Association of Municipalities newsletter, Momentum.

Michael Ziegler, mayor of Høje-Taastrup, says that the municipalities focused in the past few years on attracting immigrants, and those efforts now bore fruit. Now they're trying to keep those new employees, by utilizing their abilities and helping them in areas where they aren't as strong, such as language difficulties.

Job market researcher Christian Albrekt Larsen of Aalborg University told Politiken that particularly in the recent years when there was a lot of competition it was difficult to find new people. This presumably got the municipalities to look for employees among the immigrants.
Source: Avisen (Danish)

Hat tip: Islam in Europe.


eh said...

Not a surprise -- it can be expected that things in Europe will develop along the same lines as in the US, where Blacks (and soon very likely other non-Whites) are overrepresented in federal government employment, sometimes hugely so.

ciccio said...

The same in that multicultural haven of Canada. I walk into the tax office and the only whites I see are in front of the counter paying their taxes.

nakaggwa said...

Thanx for this article ...

It just reinforces my point that The white race (Europeans)is getting extinct!


You consume too much of what you dont own, cant afford, cant create/manufacture/grow!

You nolonger; study, positively compete at universities/jobs/open market!

You depend on govt tailored rules to favor you...ie jobs for British, then EU, then the rest can get considered!

Later there are no uk-born
nurses/doctors/socialworkers/etc in the NHS to handle all the binge drinkers, drug overdoses, the wrist cuts, the knife wounds and all the depression associated with an aimless life.

Then your govt is in a dilema...

The UNiv prefer immigrant students who pay highly at uk's best univ and colleges over thier own lazy spoon fed yobs.

They tell the council
estate youths to take it easy, the dole will always be there to sort them,
Now the dole addicts cant get enough of thier own doctors, nurses, social workers etc

The same govt "smuggles" in philipino nurses, asian smart young doctors, carribean socialworkers, african cleaners etc.

When the pampered citizen has healed/ sobered up then he attacks the very hand that feeds him!!

The govt smiles, the immigrants keep coming & working,the tax man is happy,universities fill up with chinese, asians, africans and the dole keeps on flowing.

while the true citizen drinks to stupor, obesity, claims incapacity for dislexia(polite for illiteracy),fills up prisons,onlycan be identified by the Famous "F" word, uni-would-be's are pregnant to jump the council flat queue! And the coming baby will continue the nuseating cycle!!

This is what the Dutch has sensed and trying to prepare as per your article! This is the way to go for all Europe...Your time is UP!

Those of you who are sober enough to challenge the arrangement are too few and too late to be of any threat...This is how it has always been...

You need an Independence (from the House of Lords/Commons...not PM or speaker...those are just puppets!) like the African nations.

USA's story is very different from Europe's fate. US is staged exactly in the right target for God's end time wipe out.

The immigrants in US have been thru alot since slave days... There is one secret they never forsook from thier slave masters...


Thats the reason an African and an exslave in the White House are the president of the most powerful nation on earth.

The most rich, talented sports stars, musicians etc in US are all Black not because of immigration... BUT BECAUSE OF THIER FAITH IN GOD!!! The Spiritual atmosphere in America cant be compared to any in Europe.

Secondly America has provided a refugee to Isreal...God's people and thats why I say it is the number one focus for Almighty GOD.

Americans will be saved just like Rahab...just by thier affiliation to Isreal

The American's are not as hypocritical as your Gordon Brown shaking hands with terrorrists just because of oil.




Snouck said...

This also means that Ethnic Danes will feel more and more disdain for the state employees and turn their backs on the state. Which is good news for the right.



commoncents said...

Awesome post! Keep up the great work!

ps. Link Exchange??

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I'm afraid I don't have the time or the will to correct all of your ramblings, but one ridiculous assertion stood out; Obama is not an ex-slave (he'd have to be quite, quite old to achieve that), nor is he descended from slaves - his father was not an American.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Very interesting point, I never quite looked at it from that angle.

Eh & Ciccio:

I suppose it is always inevitable that as the state expands its areas of interest and responsibilities it will begin employing its favoured classes more and more.

This will ensure that the state apparatus can't be 'infected' by outside or reformist notions (which would be against the interests of the majority of employees), and also secures a guaranteed voting bloc.

In this sense, the socialist state enters into a pact with various minority groups, a pact which ensures mutual support and self interest - whilst clearly working against what is best for the taxed majority.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Common Cents:

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments, I've added you to the blogroll as requested.

nakaggwa said...

You never fail to amuse me...

Did you read my statement in a panic frenzy? check it again

.....""Thats why an african and an exslave in the white House......"""

Obama being the African, his wife being a daughter of exslaves!

Got it?

Dont panic...I will teach you gently.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I think the problem stems from the fact that that "Thats why an african and an exslave in the white House......" is in no way, shape or form a grammatically correct statement.

You could quite easily have just been talking about Obama.

If you expect people to understand what on earth you are talking about, at least have the courtesy to use something approaching standard English.

As you so rightly deduced, such abuse of our language sends me spinning into a "panic frenzy" - whatever the hell that is.

nakaggwa said...

Facts are bitter....but dont divert us from the points I have raised that none of you can dare challenge politely/ sensibly!!

Remember more than half the British population are not English (including HER MAJ.

Many British citizens cant speak/write any English apart from the "F" word.