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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Muslim Pervert Posted Pictures of Girl to Her School

From The Yorkshire Evening Post:
A WEB pervert who befriended a Wakefield schoolgirl online published naked pictures of her on You Tube and Bebo when she fell out with him.
Vindictive Rizwan Hussain then sent an e-mail to her school and attached the indecent images.

He even posted physical copies of the picture's to the 14-year-old girl's horrified parents, Leeds Crown Court heard.

The girl, who attends a school in the Wakefield area, cannot be identified.

Hussain, 19, met her on the Bebo social networking website last January and got her MSN address from there.

They became on-line friends but Hussain started started sending sexual messages and badgered the girl to expose herself via her webcam.

Prosecutor, Peter Moulson said the girl became concerned after Hussain got hold of her holiday snaps and posted them on his Facebook and Bebo pages without her consent.

A complaint was lodged with both sites operators and Hussain's pages were shut down.

Hussain was angry and jealous that the girl was still in contact with his friends.

He used computer programme Moviemaker to create a slide show of indecent pictures of the girl and emailed them to her school.

After posting the photos to the girl's parents Hussain sent a second email to her school with a link to YouTube page with the pictures of her exposing herself.

The school website was closed down for several weeks.

Hussain, of Victor Terrace, Halifax, made a hoax call to the school saying the girl's brother had been in a car accident.

He admitted three charges of distributing indecent images.
Hussain's lawyer Frida Hussain said her client is autistic.

"The relationship turned sour when he became vindictive and posted the pictures because he wanted to cause humiliation. He had developed
feelings for her and was hurt when they fell out."

Judge James Spencer QC told Hussain; "You sent them to her school, you sent them to her parents and most wickedly of all you posted them on the internet so everyone could see them."

Judge Spencer jailed Hussain for 11 months.

But he walked free from court because of the time locked up on remand.
After the hearing the girl said: "I felt violated."

Her father advised parents to seek advice on ensuring youngsters are not at risk.

"Some schools now are getting to grips with it and starting to educate children about the dangers of using the internet. It's a faceless system."


Dr.D said...

After the hearing the girl said: "I felt violated."

Didn't she do this to herself when she posed for these pictures? Where are her brains? Has she no sense of self respect? I have to say that this is 99% her fault.

After all, he is just a muzlim.

The Mindset said...

Muslims can't be trusted ; they are all perverts.
Even their Prophet Mo had *fun* with a 9 yr old girl and even married his own daughter-in-law