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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Muslim Jailed for Murder in Nottingham

Quite a case, this one, disturbing even by the usual standards of crimes which appear here.

A man was beaten up by a gang of up to nine men, and then driven over as he lay injured in the road.

The victim, Christopher Willis, later succumbed to his injuries.

From This is Nottingham:

A DRIVER who deliberately ran over a man in the city centre was today locked up for 20 years.

Majid Hussain, 27, left Christopher Willis fighting for his life after the incident in Warser Gate. Hussain drove a hired Vauxhall Astra at Mr Willis and his friend Vishal Patel Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Mr Willis was dazed and lying on the floor after being beaten up when Hussain drove into him.

He was left with a fractured pelvis and later suffered a cardiac arrest in hospital and effectively died for three minutes.

Hussain of Ena Avenue, Sneinton, was found guilty of attempting to murder Mr Willis as well attempting to commit grievous bodily harm and violent disorder.

Nine other men who were involved in the incident were also sent to jail.

They were all charged with violent disorder, with seven of them pleading guilty to the offence.

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