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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

More from the Cargo-Bike Imam

Yesterday I reported on the 'Cargo-Bike Imam', who is the creation of Moroccan comedian Najib Amhali and features on Dutch television.

Here is another clip, with thanks to Vlad Tepes:

This one sees the same Dutch children as before take their shoes off to sit in the cardboard mosque, before Amhali issues them with drawings of terrorist attacks and beheadings to colour in "and hang on their walls".

You'll notice something about those children - every single one of them is white. I don't know how these things work in The Netherlands, but in Britain the law requires pretty much all adverts and TV programmes to be 'representative' - i.e. have a liberal helping of ethnic minorities present.

Presumably only white children need to be brainwashed about Islam, however, or be propaganda tools in a campaign to help us forget the negatives and laugh off its critics.

This is undoubtedly supposed to be satire; the only problem is, it is simply not funny.

It is not funny because there are too many people in the elites of various European and Western countries who have taken Muslim terrorism lightly, to a ridiculous degree, whilst demonising anyone who does not - there's no need to joke about it.

It is also not funny because it is simply hypocrisy.

As a Dutch commenter pointed out yesterday, the parents who allow their children to be misused here are the same ones who have fled in the wake of real imams in their old neighbourhoods - ones who really do think that 9/11 is a cause for celebration.


xoggoth said...

The missus retired from teaching recently. At her primary school they used to have lessons designed to get kids to understand other cultures. Sometimes this included visits to mosques, churches or temples.

Nobody tried to convert them or take part in any services or rituals and most parents were happy to allow them to go.

With one exception. Three geusses.

WAKE UP said...

Muslims LOVE violence, it's endemic in their culture. I have seen this, trust me, in what should be even the most ordinary of circumstances (such as "children's" videos).